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Real Madrid
2020 White House
  • Full Name2020 USA President
  • Birthday2011-12-01
  • GenderDude
  • Location2020 White House
  • Club:Real Madrid
  • National Team:United States
  • Bio/AboutFor people that have IQ below mine, I am the genius of this generation. Think of it as the Da Vinci of this generation, the Einstein of this generation...nuff said. Now, I will let you finish but... I will be the President in 2020!!
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Wait til 2020 and I'll give you their addresses and phone numbers in case you need to call them.

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I speak 5 languages and have masters in engineering from a top 10 University in US in my field. Unlike you, I don't live in a 4th World Country (exaggerating). I would be surprised if you don't have a relative who sells her body (Yes, I do know that much about Romania.) I also know that Romania is full of gypsies and again, I wouldn't be surprised if you were one.