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United Kurdistan
  • Full NamePeshmerga
  • Birthday1980-01-01
  • GenderGuy
  • LocationUnited Kurdistan
  • Club:Arsenal
  • National Team:
  • Bio/AboutWho am I you ask?! The Kurd of Kurdistan I am In the face of enemy Fire and dynamite When furious Like a volcano I shake the mountains The sparks of my fury Are death to the foe. I am Ardashir, I am Noshi Rawan. In the acient days rivals feared my caesars regretted my animosity. I knew no fright; in love with adventure from India to Greece they paid me tribute. Ask the Near East Ask the Middle East Villages and towns Plains and deserts They were once all mine When by war and knowledge I defeated rivals To become crowned Over an empire That reached India. It was I who defeated Richard the Lionheart My own blood I shed to defend these regions. I am The child of a nation Awaken from deep sleep To march once again As a proud lion To let the world know My struggle will go on In the path to freedom. Let everyone know I announce with no fear Liberty is my goal I shall never give up!!
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ref was barca fan!!
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Utd didnt deserve to win! Another lucky game!