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100% shite that Courtois one is. I honestly think that to be the main goalkeeper in any team you must work hard to prove that you deserve to be given that responsibility, not do what Courtois did and cry your way into being first choice. Think of it, he didn't want to (or have to) put in the effort in the first place so why would he ever. Did he not "supposedly" say a few weeks back that you can't be a good player if you don't do the small things right?...well he doesn't make the big hard saves and he doesn't make the small easy saves so what exactly does he do? Lets just hope that United will do us a favour and not sell DeGea to Real so we can offload this dungbag to them for big money. Seriously in his whole Chelsea career I can't remember saying "holy f#@k! that was a great save" lol
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The penalty wasn't harsh go read the rules and watch the replay again, it was a deliberate handball. Kimpembe watched it the whole way to make sure his arm hit the ball and only turned his head and back at the last second to make it look accidental and that's what the ref saw in the replay.