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Eden17Hazard17 5 years ago
Chelsea FC 156 4231
Hey Juan, if you were still after a way to re-watch matches, check out the live stream thread :)
tiki_taka 7 years ago
Barcelona, France 366 9759
thanks Juan, im fine and all my family. Glad nobody in my family loves Death metal, because most of the dead were killed in the concert, but at the same time sad for the people who got sacrified...
Dynastian98 8 years ago
Real Madrid 483 7140
There's more to this Zlatan vs. Costa thing. First of all, Zlatan has been punished for his stupidity plenty of times. He's even been sent off without doing anything (cue Chelsea game). Costa has not received a red card in either his last season at Atletico or his first at Chelsea. Zlatan's idiotic challenges are also few and far between; they are a rare occurrence. Costa provokes and roughs up players in EVERY SINGLE GAME. Matter of fact, I can name 5 instances last season where Costa could have and perhaps should have been sent off, and I have only watched about 10 full Chelsea games in 2014/15. That is a sad conclusion for me to come to. As for Terry vs. Zlatan, yes, I agree with you. It is certainly sad to see, especially since Terry was just an innocent victim in the Zlatan challenge. The English media loves to hate on their own players. One f*ck-up in his personal life and the poor lad hasn't had an ounce of respect since. Hell, they even painted Ronaldo to be nothing but an arrogant bastard - an image he is still working on removing 6 years since leaving England. But please don't fall into the "Chelsea is a victim" bias. That is just one of those stupid things Mourinho loves to stir up the media with. Don't be one of the blind sheep, please. Costa was the most hated player in La Liga as well, it is not just at Chelsea he is hated.
Dynastian98 8 years ago
Real Madrid 483 7140
Regarding the PSG violence thread... I didn't want to continue our conversation there because of Marcus' childish behavior. Regarding Zlatan, look at what Tiki posted. He does that even to his team mates. His stupidity is known by everyone in the footballing world, and no one defends him for it. I did not attempt to defend Zlatan because his elbow on Terry was indeed shameful and immature. Now, Aurier's challenge is entirely different. Terry, for one, did not provoke Zlatan. Costa, however, was seen provoking or roughing up Aurier on more than one occasion. Costa is frankly the most disgusting player in the EPL since that fool Joey Barton, and Marcus shaming PSG for 'violence even in friendlies' is extremely ironic considering Costa's behavior is identical. I do not defend Aurier though. His reaction was just as stupid as the time Matic got sent off after nearly having his leg broken. BUT I completely understand Aurier's reaction (and similarly, Matic's reaction before getting sent off). That is why I do not condemn Aurier's reaction; I UNDERSTAND how he feels. I hope you understand as well.
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