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Lets be real, it could have been a 2nd yellow but referee decided not to give it and as far I can recall Jorginho hardly made 2/3 fouls. May be ref was counting that too!
I have watched the game from 2nd half and what I have seen is Lampard taking initiative Arteta not. He kept Lacazette on the pitch when he was clearly struggling and took off a player from the wing. ideal would have been replacing Lacazette and may be add another player in the mid as Chelsea was clearly dominating the midfield battle in the 2nd half. And don't forget it was Lacazette's tired tackle that created that free kick opportunity.

Arteta just starting as a manager so I am pretty sure he will quickly learn from these things.

PS. As a fan, I feel more comfortable Chelsea playing away than home, weird!
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what the hell....this match has a 13 min highlights and have had two goals...chelseas's one only has 2 mins but that match had 5 goals....just because city can pass the ball beautifully doesn't mean we have to watch that for 13 mins!!! :''))