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First of all, Brendan Rodgers is the best manager Liverpool had in the last couple of years. Full stop. He made them play nice, attractive, good attacking football. They just had a bad run of games recently because Liverpool just lack a good striker who can run inbehind the defenders. Balotelli is playing out of position because Daniel Sturridge is injured. Don't blame Balotelli completely, he thrives with another strike partner. You could see glimpses of his quality in the Tottenham game when he played together with Sturridge.

How much money have they spent? Well, enough to have a strong squad, which they have. Some players may have flopped (Aspas, Borini) but still, they have a good squad, assumed Sturridge is playing. And many of the signings were very benefical to Liverpool:

  1. Joe Allen - the most underrated Liverpool IMO - does all the "dirty" work for his team. He runs across the whole pitch, presses very good, has an outstanding movement, his passing is very clever and he provides backup for the full backs. You just don't see that an TV.

  2. Adam Lallana - A rather new signing but you could see in the second half against Real Madrid when he was brought in that he fitted much better than Balotelli in that game. His work rates are also exceptional and he creates many chances and also can score goals.

  3. Philippe Coutinho - Considered as the new David Silva by many Liverpool supporters, Lil' Phil was the most liveliest Liverpool player on the pitch against Real Madrid. He even hit the post once and provided great creativity throughout the game. He also scored the winner against Manchester City last season which brought Liverpool so near of winning the title. He is just not as consistent as Henderson or Sterling.

  4. Daniel Sturridge - What could you say about that player? Possibly the best striker England got at the moment but he is very injury prone which makes it hard for him to contribute more to the team. He scored 20 goals last season and was one of the main reasons why Liverpool got so far.

  5. Dejan Lovren - Some people may say Lovren flopped but I think he brought more stability to the team. Still, Liverpool concede goals - mainly by free kicks and corners - but that is something the whole team has to deal with, not only the centre backs. Liverpool use to play with the full backs high up the pitch and only have one CDM who is very offensive minded, Steven Gerrard.

  6. Alberto Moreno - an upgrade to Jose Enrique.

  7. Javier Manquillo - an upgrade to Glen Johnson.

  8. Divock Origi - At the moment on loan at Lille, he is thriving. I think he can hit the ground running when he returns to Liverpool.

There are some other players but have not got the game time yet to prove themselves, like Emre Can, Lazar Markovic, Borini, Illori and Luis Alberto.

Liverpool are not doing well? They certainly are not, but Liverpool tend to start their season not really strongly but by the time the team gels and starts playing good football. As mentioned, they just lack the "killer" striker which I have to admit we had in Luis Suárez. But replacing him would be an impossible task - he is arguably the best striker in the world.

And I don't know why they didn't get Remy instead of Balotelli. It was confirmed that Remy had heart problems but why is he now at Chelsea? I have no clue.

How does Liverpool benefit by Rodgers? If you look at the line-up of Liverpool which brought them so near to the title, you can see there is little difference between 2012/13 and 2013/14.

Johnson - Skrtel - Sakho / Toure - Flanagan/Enrique
Henderson Joe Allen / Coutinho
Suarez Sturridge

Except for Sakho this is exactly the same squad with which Liverpool ended up 7th in 2012/13. But if you look at the player's developments, you can see the difference. Flanagan is the best full-back Liverpool had last season. It is a pitty that he is injured. Sterling was developed to one of the brightest talents in Europe and Jordan Henderson was made the player he is today by Rodgers. Henderson showed his importance to the club when he missed the last three games last season where Liverpool lost the title to City.

I very much think that Rodgers is an exceptional and great manager.

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David Silva and certainly nobody from ManU