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Alright I've had it with this shit, What is going on here? this is starting to concern me now, some refs are no longer playing fair. This is disgusting, I watched this entire match and although United were great, as well as chelsea, the referee ruined the match. I think EPL refs are bloody useless these days, the goal for them seems to be to get United to the top in whatever way possible. It's cheating shit, either the ref is favouring MU, or they tie some of the refs down to a deal. If it happens once, twice, even three times, coincidence, yes. This issue has surrounded Man u for too long now and it has popped up much too often. They get the match given to them, pathetic. Both teams deserved a draw today, but the MU fanboy who changed into a ref kit thought otherwise. It's a shame, ruining football, ruining the EPL. If this same kind of shit happens in the MU-Arsenal match, I will take a stand on it because it is unjust and really disturbing. I am still completely confused as to what I just saw from the ref, really unbelievable, just confirming what many EPL fans have joked about for years, It's getting very serious now. Shame on the refs of the premier league, I dislike most of them.
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Enjoy it while you can