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Close to Messi and Ronaldo? Top 3? How blinded could some of the Chelsea fans here be? He is nowhere near close to Messi and Ronaldo. On the other hand, the others posting here are really annoying. Out of the top ten? There is no doubt Hazard CAN be compared to the likes of Robben and Neymar. For f*ck's sake, he is arguably the best player in the Premier League this season. Just look at the pictures @Dynastian and @EdenHazard17 posted. Stop looking at real life football like you do FIFA, people. If you ask me, Goetze is below Neymar and Hazard. People still swoon over him since he was at the always-lovable BVB, having a bromance with the always-lovable Reus. But let's be f*cking honest here, aside from a couple of flashes of absolute brilliance he has been very underwhelming with Bayern. He has definitely not lived up to his 37 million euro price tag. Can he fulfill his potential? Of course he can, but so far, he isn't really that far ahead of the player he was at the age of 19.

Neymar and Hazard on the other hand are developing at an incredible rate - mentally, physically and technically. Give them a year or two and they'll be leaps and bounds above declining stars like Ibrahimovic, Robben, Ribery and Iniesta. THEY ARE IN THE TOP 10. Get it in your heads, people.

By the way,who the f*ck compares Modric to Hazard?

Also, watch Hazard as much as I do (with a fair mind unlike a couple of the Chelsea fans here) to really understand how good he is before you open your mouths. Here is a quote from a Manchester United fan on reddit that summarizes what people don't get from Hazard:

*"He's an absolutely brilliant player. The people who call him overrated due to a lack of goals and assists probably have never seen him play or are too dense to realize what he brings to the game. Modric or Iniesta don't get many either, does that mean they're poor players?He's more of a playmaker rather than an attacking winger like Reus, Bale, etc. and that's why he'll never match their statistics. Those players are often the ones on the end of a through ball and thrive on having space to run into. But they can't do half the things Hazard can do with the ball.I don't understand how you can be a football fan and not rate him. By some distance my favorite player to watch in the Premier League and out of all the signings we have missed out on over the years, this one hurts the most."*

**Man it feels good to be back. See you guys tomorrow.