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Real Madrid
  • Full NameDenis
  • Birthday1995-01-26
  • GenderMale
  • Club:Real Madrid
  • National Team:Denmark
  • Bio/AboutDoesn't matter whether you call it football or soccer. Either way it is the sport I love.
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I think the outcome of the result was the best for everyone. The Danish people are proud and optimistic about the future, Croatia being undoubtedly a better team (Not today) has a second chance, and everyone wants the best teams to advance and I can guarantee you that Croatia has more to offer than Denmark does further in the tournament.

Hopefully they learned from this match and now realize they are not invincible. Russia will stand tall and strong with a whole nation supporting them. Croatia needs to bring their best to beat them. Oh - and for the love of God send Kasper Schmeichel to a better club.