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Tottenham Hotspur
  • Birthday1967-02-21
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  • Club:Tottenham Hotspur
  • National Team:England
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This was no surprise, This is not man city, this is just a club that one of the worlds richest men has bought , hes got some of the the worlds best players and THE worlds most GREEDY players. Give the same group of players to West Ham and they will have the same success, (but at least West Ham have a better History) This is Just some RICH arabs playground,thats all this club is. Alan Hanson was right when he said `city are here to stay,weather we all like it or not? Arsen Wenger was right when he said `NO MERIT, NO SWEAT OR TEAM PLAY FOOTBALL TO GET WHERE THEY ARE TODAY, NO ACADEMY, NO HISTORY,` More than HALF of the city squad had never even heard of manchester city before 3 years ago (fact). ALL city fans outside the UK are just glory hunters, because why would they support an Engilsh team that only 8 years ago were in the 3rd tier of English football?, and did they even know them?? city will buy the league one day,and many other trophies, but one thing that this smug team can NEVER take from us is that we are a club of Tradition, Spirit, and everything that FOOTBALL stood for and stands for. When we won the League , we won it on MERIT,NOT MONEY, something city could NEVER do. I hope that MANCHESTER UNITED still rule Manchester and that Manchester never turns blue, because that will be the DEATH of Football. I dont care if you thumb down, im just speaking the truth and speak for many others too. Ive been watching football for far too long and ive seen MONEY buy the league before ,but never on this massive cash investment scale.Take the MONEY away and city are NOTHING, their 120year history proves it.
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I bet Sir Alex rubbing his hands and smiling while watching this game. one hand on the trophy, trust me