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Manchester United
  • Full NameChanakya Remani
  • Birthday1999-12-16
  • GenderMale
  • Club:Manchester United
  • National Team:Germany
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I have been a follower of this site for a long time and created an account last year. This site has been amazing and if you just thumbs up this message, we can show how much we appreciate this site. Thank you Footyroom for your dedication and how much you have put into this site.

Edit: Post a comment showing appreciation. Thumbs up if you want :).

Worst Rated Comment

Every time I see your comment, you are getting thumbs down on every comment and I believe there is a person who has multiple accounts and is doing this. I think it is time for FootyRoom to take action and Naman, I support you very much but you comments aren't bad enough to get -1 or even -4.