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You are right. Qatar has no footballing history and some nations probably deserve it more then Qatar.. but its the region, the middle east has been waiting decades decades and more decades for something like this to arrive, the middle east/north africa loves football 100 million times more then those yanks, weve been waiting for decades and decades and decades for this one glimmer of positivity and joy,
 weve had enough with Political ,religious and secrretarian conflicts, i think enough people have died for us to deserve a little 2 month period of happiness to get away from all this bullshit we call "progress and advancement and democracy". The Yanks sit on there asses and never see a day of struggle but still get this spectacle to come to there nation, and the Yank have football history?
 i dont think so. Our people work for a living every day and struggle bleed and sweat,go through war and oppression on many different levels, football is the one thing we are able to gather and do that will help us forget about all this bullshit for altleast 90 minutes.. Lucky that our "Religious" leaders dont take that away because they think its sinful or distracting, hope the Government doesn't think were using football to plot a revolution. I hope that we dont get beat by cops on the way out of the stadium.

for me its not the nation it is the region, you might be right that the royal family pulled some strings.. but hasnt Europe and the America's hosted enough world cups?

Everyone was happy that the struggling Africa finally gets the World cup, but when its for us, THERES A PROBLEM!

These mere 2 months might change the lives of these people forever and they can live knowing something truly positive happened in there lives. Knowing that just for 2 months they escaped war, Secretarianism, Political bullshit and tyranny for alittle and smiled a lasting smile.

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