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Literally anything good that happens for Argentina is 80% Messi's doing, yet whenever they lose it's always him who gets the blame. Even against Brazil last week, Messi was the ONLY Argentina player who showed any sort of quality the entire game, yet who gets the most criticism? Messi. It's a joke. Without him they would have a minuscule chance of even qualifying for the 2018 World Cup.
- @bradley.fcb-
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1 deflected goal, 1 dive for penalty, 1 tap--in, All typical Cristiano goals in only 1 match. You can enjoy the victory, but no way you enjoy ronaldo playing just because he scored easy goals

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@sergiomama @Dynastian98 @mhasanfadhilah @Myzteriox @RMforever
im just saying the truth, i really dont care about numbers and results, i only care of enjoying great quality football players. I feel sorry about you people who only care about results, i rate watching bycicle kicks goals, solo goals, and great teamwork goals than losing a match... im not a fanatic like you.