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Manchester City
  • Full NameCAPTAIN RoYce
  • Birthday1991-07-16
  • GenderMale
  • LocationEngland
  • Club:Manchester City
  • National Team:England
  • Bio/AboutCTID
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United fans for years have been so arrogant, probably the most arrogant fans in the world after galatasaray fans but All I wana ask is how does it feel to eat humble pie scums? You call Arsenal Assnil, Chelsea Chelshit, Liverpool Looserpool and City Manshitty so I guess its only fair to nickname you also manU haunted, coz every season is gonna be a nightmare, enjoy the ride! Fergie cant come from the dead to save you T__T cry us a river united cry oh cry mwahaha
Worst Rated Comment
This Is to all the haters Goooooooooooooooooooooooooal golaso golaso golaso golasooooooo!!! See you in the last 16! Hope we get CHELSEA so we can tump dem up like a beat down vagina