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  • Birthday1997-03-18
  • GenderUnspecified
  • Club:Chelsea
  • National Team:Germany
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Cristiano Ronaldo! SCORES, ASSISTS, and maximum penalti taker, what a beast.
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Ronaldo is INJURED and still playing and while he can no longer pull those amazing performances at the level he was used to he is still giving his all for the team even risking his own career. With the CURRENT ronaldo, at 60% you just cant ask for him to take his team on his shoulders like he did against sweden, in fact no player can, but he could because he was in amazing form and at 200% but not any more. He needs teammates and sadly he has none. Eder was utterly shit all game losing all the balls. Coentrao was one amazing player he did have compenetration and pepe, but that is gone. Its sad really, too much injuries and bad luck have left what was a promising WC for portugal and ronaldo, too bad he was injured he could have done much more. But i swear that he is gonna score next time.