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World Cup Qualification system
serans 6 years ago
Manchester United, Poland 3 203

So, after todays 5-0 result in Russia vs SA, I started thinking why we dont have closer qualifications. Like after all regional qual it would be nice to have like 4 round robins losers from Europe, 3rd and 4th team from Asia and 2 more teams to compete for last spots. The reason is simple, I want world cup with best teams, and seeing Saudi Arabia making it to WC losing 5:0 to Russia, and Italy, Chile, Netherlands or even Turkey not making it makes me a little dissapointed.


PS.: Sorry for bad english.

Tuanis 6 years ago
Manchester United, England 86 2310

In all fairness Saudi isn't such a bad team.. They did fairly well in their qualifying conference. And on top of this the 2026 WC would be expanded to 48 teams so average teams would be even more prominent in the tournament.
FIFA's concept of the WC has always been mainly about having diversity, sometimes over quality.