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Unai Emery has been sacked by Arsenal after 18 months in charge
Jimbet 16 days ago
Arsenal, Malaysia 11 1282

A club statement from Arsenal reads:

"Our most sincere thanks go to Unai and his colleagues who were unrelenting in their efforts to get the club back to competing at the level we all expect and demand. We wish Unai and his team nothing but future success.

"The decision has been taken due to results and performances not being at the level required.

"We have asked Freddie Ljungberg to take responsibility for the first team as interim head coach. We have full confidence in Freddie to take us forward.

"The search for a new head coach is underway and we will make a further announcement when that process is complete."

What do you guys think?

_Pelle_ 16 days ago
Paris Saint-Germain 92 5737

Objectively speaking... in no way was it good to have him continuing his reign.

expertfootball11 16 days ago
Real Madrid, France 63 2625

Arsenal board taking decisions based on Arsenal fan tv now ?

Madridista11 16 days ago Edited
Real Madrid, Somalia 38 804

@Expert Have you not seen their record since April?

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Have you not seen their record since April?

expertfootball11 16 days ago
Real Madrid, France 63 2625

Easy to scapegoat a manager when 50% of the squad are a bunch of worthless pussies... It can happen to have a poor record or a poor mid-season, decisions like this should be reflected upon holiday break, not by impulsions. And concerning last night's game, Arsenal are still ahead of their group, so the whole sacking was made in a panic. Emery is a decent coach, and is another collateral victim, just like Pochettino

iHEARTfootball 15 days ago
Manchester United 36 851

My guess: Arsenal fans will experience something similar to us. I feel for Emery, but if I was a gooner, I also wouldn't condone him for the way he managed the squad these past recent months either. It was bound to happen, sooner or later. Ljunberg needs simply bring back the fighting spirit within the team to get them back on track.

Being an Arsenal legend, I would say Ljungberg will probably go through the suspected "honeymoon" phase with Arsenal now. There are a lot of strong personalities in that dressing room, however, so I also predict that the players will also lose interest and turn against their manager and poof, off to the next manager!

SuperFrankie 15 days ago
Chelsea, Italy 1 66

My thought too @expertfootball. When that happened at Chelsea I was pissed at some of our players who thankfully left the club. I would rather be relegated and not have pathetic overpriced players who don't want to play for the badge just because they don't like to play for this manager or that manager. Like bitch please.. You are getting so much money on a weekly basis while being very average football player and still want to decide who your manager should be and how he should play you? ..

Nowadays footballers think they are princesses. I miss the old time footballers.

SuperFrankie 15 days ago
Chelsea, Italy 1 66

I'm extremely happy that Lampard is managing Chelsea and that we had a transfer ban so we can build with our quality young players who actually dream to play for the first team since years than overpay for someone who may flop or think he is big just cuz he was bought for 80m + and is on high salary and can do whatever he wants. I was also one of those who wouldn't mind being near the relegation zone as long as we give Lampard the time to build a solid team to compete in the future, but now we are comfortably in top 4 which exceeded my expectations.

Marcus2011 14 days ago
Chelsea FC, England 275 6288

This man has been benching inform Ozil even during the game. I can’t argue with every decision he has made but boy has he often squandered his games with his own changes. When things were going well, he would decide to make them even better but eventually turn into fiasco. Good riddance.

He never stroked me as a good replacement for Wenger. Especially in the club like Arsenal that spends very little and plays in very competitive league.


I agree with you and I don’t. Agree about players, patience with Lampards and etc but I don’t see Lampard becoming something of Ferguson for us. We had a great manager, Conte and we let him go because of stupid pride games in the back office. Our board will eventually loose patience with Lampard if he doesn’t fix that defense and win in big games. We are too big of a club now to be hanging at the bottom table. We will be taking a step back with that mentality. As soon transfer window is open, Lampard will be pressured to buy and he better buy it right unless transfers aren’t under his responsibilities

SuperFrankie 14 days ago
Chelsea, Italy 1 66

Except that he is doing better than Alex Ferguson on his first year. (Obviously not comparing them) Lampard has a lot still to learn. But Ferguson's era was much different to how the EPL now developed. It's way more competitive now. There is no just one or 2 clubs buying the best players, pretty much each club can afford getting new players nowadays. I think Ferguson wouldn't be able to do much with the current squad United got at the moment. They have been sacking managers like there is no tomorrow. (I know, like Chelsea too.) The problem is the players skills and commitment. The boards have to ask themselves what they really want. But it's not easy to get what you really want when what you really want will require you to sell pretty much 90% of the current players and buy new ones.

tiki_taka 14 days ago
Barcelona, France 358 9528

Arsenal crown is risky business for any coach now. But Unai lost the dressing room so things were finished for him for a while..

If you tell a star off pitch to do things or on the pitch, and he is not listening, you are obliged to bench him. If I was the new arsenal coach o would send ozil to galatasay or besiktas before first training. You need the high wages and profiles to be more involved than youngsters to get them in the right direction.

Ledley 13 days ago
Celtic, Australia 40 1195

AFC TV for the most part, have campgained, pressuring the club, first Wenger then Emery out. And nothing has changed.

Greatone 13 days ago
Arsenal, Australia 14 521

@ledley I feel our fans are the most panicky, nasty, dumb as, illogical fans ever. Literally hounding on Ljungberg after one training session with the first team as an interim manager.. it’s a joke.

This sacking at a bad time, and no idea of who they are gonna get next, (all the news points to multiple directions being pursued at once to no avail) points to the crappy decision makers. I feel we are becoming Man U 2.0 our directors and owners will keep sacking managers but as long as they are in charge the problems will remain.

SuperFrankie 12 days ago
Chelsea, Italy 1 66

@greatone Even tho I'm not an Arsenal Fan, it doesn't take too long to realize that the internet is an open source for everyone. I wouldn't believe all Arsenal fans wants Ljungberg out on the first day, it's what other club fans enjoy to see and most likely fake accounts spamming that got it trending online. We had the same thing with LampardOut at the first days. The number of trolls with no life on the internet is extremely high.