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Soccer Memes pics
SoccerBoss 10 years ago
Barcelona, Russia 34 804

The forum has been pretty boring lately, so I want to start a silly Football/Soccer memes or pics. When someone post a pic or meme against your club, don't get butthurt over it, post something about their club and big mouths like Dynastian or tiki_taka or Lodatz please dont post your soccer theoretics here, just have fun.

Ill post a couple to start:

gkim1986 3 years ago
Brisbane Roar U20, Australia 0 2

where are the latest comments? i see year old memes? half the guys aren't even playing anymore.

DarthFooty 10 months ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 37 1125

This thread is an ebb and flow. I'm sure we will start to add to it at some point, but even these old ones are still just too funny.

Yusuf_10 10 days ago
Manchester City, England 17 75

enter image description here