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PSG looking good in 2020
Emobot7 5 days ago
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So I haven't really followed PSG a lot this season and it might be a weird time making this thread since their last game was a draw but stat wise and performance wise, they are looking really good.

I don't how good they did last season but this year, they are undefeated in the CL with 5 win and a single draw and only lost 3 games in the league.

Other interesting information about is that both Icardi and Gueye, who are their major summer signing did not flop at all. Their doing pretty well it seem.

Finally, their attacking player, Neymar, Icardi, M'bappe and Di Maria are all been very prolific with over 35 goal all together and a good number of assist.

So the fact that they are going to win the league is not in much doubt but I do also believe that it look like they could do better in the CL as well if they star player keep playing this way.

I personally doubted thing would go smoothly after all the injury at the beggining of the season and the Neymar drama.

But what are you're thought on the matter? Please share your opinion. ;)

_Pelle_ 4 days ago
Paris Saint-Germain 93 5785

Problems with inconsistencies though. I am afraid it will not happen in UCL again 😱

Mbappe-Neymar-Icardi-Di Maria looks great offensively, but the team suffers a bit defensively with this lineup.

_Pelle_ 4 days ago
Paris Saint-Germain 93 5785

Truth is that most other french top teams have also been quite
inconsistent. Monaco had a poor start, Marseille had also a relatively poor start, Lyon has been struggling etc

The reason PSG been at the top is not only because of their better squad, but also because of their main rivals been struggling.

Louis15 4 days ago
Paris Saint-Germain, France 0 45

Our attack is the second best in Europe if you ask me (behind Liverpool's). Midfield and defense are good too, but compared with other top teams we are lacking a bit (specially in defense). Also nobody mentioned Navas but he is perhaps the biggest signing for us. With him as a keeper i think barcelona 6-1 and machester 3-1 scenarios will not happen to us again. PSG's biggest weakness though is still the mental game, if we get passed Dortmund (which I think we will) and keep our players injury free (specially Neymar) I believe that will help a lot in that aspect. But then again you never know :)

On another note, I'm happy that teams like Monaco are giving us a hard time. Ligue 1 was getting boring the past few years.

tuan_jinn 3 days ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 189 6559

I think their biggest problem, remain to be seen is to unite and deliver as a team in crucial stage, something they have failed to do in the last few years since big investment.

They have all the potential to do that, also given the right platform.

Let's see

Emobot7 2 days ago
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Well, if PSG key player manage to remain healty for the second half of the season, this will help them a lot in CL where they been rather unlucky in that sector in the past.

After that, what they need to focus is consistency, especially in big match, especially defensively.

Ledley 1 day ago
Celtic, Australia 41 1214

Anyone notice how good Keylor Navas has been playin ? He's miles better than any keeper they have had.

_Pelle_ 1 day ago
Paris Saint-Germain 93 5785

Very solid goalkeeper. RM did not appreciate him enough