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Power Ranking Premier League Managers
FootyRoom 13 years ago
36 175

According to Bleacher Report here are the rankings of premier league managers for the upcoming season:

  1. Sir Alex Ferguson: Manchester United
  2. Arsene Wenger: Arsenal
  3. Roberto Mancini: Manchester City
  4. Andre Villas-Boas: Chelsea
  5. Kenny Dalglish: Liverpool
  6. Harry Redknapp: Tottenham
  7. David Moyes: Everton
  8. Martin Jol: Fulham
  9. Roy Hodgson: West Bromwich Albion
  10. Owen Coyle: Bolton Wanderers
  11. Steve Bruce: Sunderland
  12. Roberto Martinez: Wigan Athletic
  13. Paul Lambert: Norwich City
  14. Tony Pulis: Stoke City
  15. Mick McCarthy: Wolverhampton Wanderers
  16. Neil Warnock: Queens Park Rangers
  17. Alan Pardew: Newcastle United
  18. Brendan Rodgers: Swansea City
  19. Alex Mcleish: Aston Villa
  20. Steve Kean: Blackburn
ifeltsweet 13 years ago
3 53

Alex Mcleish rated pretty low hehe :)

Jairzinho 13 years ago
Arsenal, Brazil 4 33

Wenger will be on 1st place next season :)

Jaewon 13 years ago
Manchester United, South Korea 3 73

Harry Redknapp & Steve Bruce should we rated higher! They made a huge difference on the team they're coaching (positive)!

duggap10 13 years ago
Barcelona, Spain 1 13

Wenger should not be that high he hasnt won a trophy in 7 years and his team is falling apart right now. They usually under perform also.

iHEARTfootball 13 years ago
Manchester United 38 1000

No way Mancini should be ranked 3rd. Ever since he took over, a lot of problems occurred....not to mention his struggling relationship with Tevez, Adebayor, Kompany, Richards and especially Ballotelli

prince 13 years ago
Manchester United, England 2 8

i'll put king kenny in front of roberto mancinni...
because he brought liverpool from no were to some were...

CR7skillz 12 years ago
Real Madrid, Iraq 22 329

Why is Alan Pardew number 17?? he is right now a very big succesfull manager and he beated man united 3-0 i think alan pardew deserves to be in the top 5 best managers in EPL

bloodred1992 12 years ago
Manchester United, Portugal 15 300

@CR7skillz Dude this post is 5 months old. Think and comment.

nandaYNWA 12 years ago
Liverpool, Australia 87 946

Hahaha things are sooooo much different now.

ramaboy10 12 years ago
Mauritius 285 6463

well done!

Chelseaforlife 12 years ago
Chelsea, England 7 68

i thought alan pardew will be in the middle,