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Please Footyroom
_Pelle_ 3 months ago
Paris Saint-Germain 123 6404

Put the games highlights at the top of the site. That is the absolute main reason I come here, and probably most people.

That ”predictor” score is at this point useless as that game is neverending and hence meaningless. The thumbnails you have on ”latest news” needs to be spared for the games highlights!

Live scores, betting tips and previews are better used as headlines for easy access.

The homepage feels like a mess, and again I would love if you could put the focus on games highlights with thumbnails. Some used to be hilarious.

tuan_jinn 3 months ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 198 6881

I agree :(

SecondPoteauPavard 3 months ago
Paris Saint-Germain, France 0 28

Yep, I use to come here a few years back and website+community was better... Change isn't always better. Now even the videos are difficult to watch, I now just come here for the comments but even those are not as interesting as before... (I guess because less people comment as well).