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Nico10 10 years ago
Barcelona, Moldova 38 290

 I'm asking myself why Pepe is still playing football? Can we consider Pepe a football player? He's playing for R.Madrid since 2007, in this time he got 78 yallow cards and 41 red cards (tell me if I writed something wrong). Why nobody can say STOP to him? I would like to watch a football matches not tekken or mortal 

Kevin_MANU 10 years ago
Manchester United 8 19

OMG!!!! But the Dani Alves tackle was a dive by him,but it was a super dive no doubt!

CR7skillz 10 years ago
Real Madrid, Iraq 22 329

WHO CARES F*CK MESSI HE DESERVED IT goddamnit just leave pepe alone hes a great defender and he did the right thing and btw messi was diving -_-

Nico10 10 years ago
Barcelona, Moldova 38 290

@Kevin_MANU, @CR7skillz c'mon how can they dive that? Maybe Casquero from getafe dived too? You guys are just a blinded fans.

MESSImagic 10 years ago
Barcelona, Congo 14 103

pepe's face looks like a bulldog. fucking ugly

Ihaveabbc 10 years ago
Liverpool, England 7 370

@MESSImagic he is extremely fucking ugly

raimondo90 10 years ago
Valencia, Argentina 89 2491

Cr7 how can u say he deserved it? Y cux he beat ur idol to best player three times in a row? Dude please leave the site. Learn to respect players and other people. Btw diving was what pepe did when he got "hit" in the face. Not when clear footage shows fouls

Dynastian98 10 years ago
Real Madrid 483 7140

A shame to Real Madrid and a disgrace to football. Congrats to Barcelona for winning the match. They played fair and they deserved it.

mladen 10 years ago
Manchester United, Yugoslavia 253 2319

hahahahh I wan't to see him and Alonso playing...they are so dirty... I expect good fight tonight :)

pyscho3 19 days ago
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Barcelona should be congratulated on their victory. They played fairly and deserved to win.