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penalties received by PL teams in past 2 seasons
quikzyyy 26 days ago
Arsenal 413 8080

enter image description here

Tuanis 13 days ago
Manchester United, England 85 2282

Are we going to assume all penalties were unfairly given then? ffs..
I've watched every single game this season and the only penalty that comes to mind was Bruno's vs Bournemouth, which wasn't even that important in the end result of the game. There's even been a bunch of arguable penalties that we didn't get so it could have been even more.

If you guys want to argue United is constantly cheating then just bring the video evidence and we can all discuss. With VAR now, the argument of having teams paying off the refs is beyond ridiculous, but that fine.. controversy like this is always interesting and helps to showcase the sore losers and the envious. When have you ever seen a bad team getting called out for "cheating"?

Emobot7 13 days ago
424 10131

Don't worry Tuanis, we ain't all thinking these penalties were given unfairly. ;)

Been a while btw, its good to see you. :)

ashwin1729 10 days ago
Manchester United, England 10 652

That's just gas lighting and leading away from the topic.

Question here: are the penalities awarded fair or not.

Marcus: What is the impact of these penalties.

If the penalties are fair, then impact is valid. Prevented teams from being robbed. Something an ardent Chelsea fan should remember. #OverboGate?

Let me repeat slowly for you Marcus: Are....the....penalties...fair?

Comeback when you have a valid argument.

uncle_touchy 10 days ago
Manchester United, England 2 50

I think y'all lost third cause Liverpool put 5 in. Also don't argue with Chelsea fans. 😬😬

Ledley 10 days ago
Celtic, Australia 46 1284

Our player of the season: enter image description here

Campiones campiones ole. ole. ole!

iHEARTfootball 10 days ago
Manchester United 37 900