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Newcastle to be bought?
Emobot7 2 years ago
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So you propably heard the news in the winter that Newcastle might be bought. Thing is, it didn't happened and there is a simple reason for that, Mike Ashley, the current owner of the team was worried he could miss out on a lot money because of clauses that involved Newcastle be bought for less if they were relegated. Good news is that since the team seem currently safe, the talk for sell will propably start again. If the sell goes trough, Rafa Benitez should expect a new contract to reward him for his results with the team and with more money to spend in the future. Great news for Newcastle, maybe not for their future rival. As a neutral PL fan, I'm alway hyped to hear about a team gaining to ressource to fight with the bigger one in the future. Thought?

expertfootball11 1 month ago Edited
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I'd rather have them bought by Emiratis than Saudis. Look at City, they've transformed the club from below average to the best team in England. Emiratis, like the city of Dubai, are open and have very high sporting ambition, whereas Saudis are conservative fucks and they only go in for the money in these kind of investments.

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Well that's just the fate of middle table clubs now, being bought and stuff. Not much more to comment on that, that's how football and business mingle

Johnvol 22 days ago
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What a big club what a history