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Lewandowski vs. Haaland which one would your team rather have (15th March, 2020)
tuan_jinn 13 days ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 193 6627

(as of 15th March, 2020 - the Covid19 break)

These are the 2 best strikers in the world now in their related position IMO. Let's say your club can buy them. Which one would you rather have now?

It's a tough choice for me :/ If i would have to pick Haaland it's because of his age, and Lew, for his CL experience

Some head to head, so far this season in Buldesliga

Lew vs. Haaland

  • Games: 6 - 8
  • Goals: 6 - 9
  • Mins per goal: 90' - 57'
  • Mins played: 540 - 511

Haaland is statistically slightly better.

DarthFooty 13 days ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 9 491

Both are lethal poachers and normally I would stay Lew any day, but I picked Haaland due to his age and the team he is on.

Bayern has a better core of players supplying Lew and he is getting up there in age. With Haaland scoring the way he is with Dortmund, he is setting the stage for longevity.

Love Lew, but eventually, players time come and go.

Gennady 12 days ago
Manchester United, Russia 269 3575


ForeverBayern 12 days ago
Bayern Munich, Germany 7 316

Since we already have Lewanwoski in our team, I'd take Haaland now :D

amir_keal 11 days ago
Arsenal, Netherlands 65 2812

Lewandowski, I feel that Haland is slightly overrated.

Emobot7 10 days ago
410 10016

Lewandoski is more proven but I would take Haaland if only because of his potential and the fact he still got a long career in front of him. Lewandoski is thirty one and while I still expect him to go on for a while, he will start being more and more inconsistent.

So if its for a long term deal, Haaland.
For a short one, Lewandoski.

tuan_jinn 10 days ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 193 6627

I also pick Haaland for his age ...

@DarthFooty, @Emobot: agreed. That's why I took time to watch Haaland and the boy can really make things out of nothing.

What's the short term? I think in the next 2 years Lewa will still be the best out there in his position. Haven't seen age effecting him yet. In this business, 2 years is quite long nowaday :D. But yeah 4 years+ would be

@Forever: hahaha, :D:D:D dont you guys have all the best from Germany yet? I'm different, for example, I want Kane to stays at Spur for Mou to build his team up. For the sake of EPL. Give me excitement

@Amir_keal: too early to tell, when his first fuzz came to the news, I thought so too. then I watched some highlight he was playing didn't know it was him. I said, what the heck, this guy is good, why don't we get him. He's really really good!

SunFlash 9 days ago
Manchester United, USA 16 3048

Lewa. Propsects, even generational striker ones (see: Pato) can burn out easily. Lewa has been getting 30 a season for awhile now and promises to do so for a few more years.

Emobot7 9 days ago
410 10016

(see: Pato)

enter image description here

Madridista11 8 days ago
Real Madrid, Somalia 39 813

I wouldn't call Pato "generational" tbh, but I do get what you mean