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Gather your thoughts on the Euro 2012 here!
Official 10 years ago
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Someone who have gathered any thoughts on the Euro 2012 yet? Who will it be? Who will take with them the Euro 2012 trophy? Can it be Spain once more? Here are som interesting facts you can enjoy.

Personally, I think the four strongest teams are Portugal, the Netherlands, Spain and Germany. These four have the capacity and team spirit enough to get to the semi finals. All four teams have players who play in big teams. In particular, Spain and Germany are playing in their own countries. I will say my reason on why I think Portugal will qualify until the semi-finals, because it's my favorite. You are welcome to share your own opinions about the team you support or reflect above what I mean:

Portugal is simply my favorite team with huge margin. I'm not from Portugal, but from the opposite side of Europe, Norway. How I ended up supporting Portugal was simply by watching one match. I saw that they play very entertaining and beautiful football. It's effective and in each position they have many young and talented players.

The coach, Paulo Bento, has made it look okay, but he's struggling with some players. Carvalho and Bosingwa, which covers a large part of the defensive line has even said that they do not want to play for Portugal under Paulo Bento. You can of course read about why they left the national team on other sites. He has not impressed in a big way, although he stepped in as coach of Portugal in the middle of the Euro qualifiers. Many goals have been conceded, and it may be due to the fact that these two central players are missing. I hope that Portugal's Football Association will fix this situation soon, maybe even change the trainer. It was talk about Mourinho for a little while, but Real's Football Association didn't want to let go of Mourinho already.

In the keeper position I can't say more than Portugal has an incredible young, fresh and particularly talented keeper. Rui Patrício has done very well recently and is one of the youngest keeper talents on earth.

The defence is incredibly strong with Coentrao, Pepe Carvalho and Bosingwa. All four plays as first choice in big teams and are doing well. There are also players like Alves, Pereira and Rolando. As said, there have been a lot of problems with the coach, but I really hope it'll become back on track again.

The midfield has only grown stronger and stronger recently. After Deco's, Tiago's and Simão's return from the national team covering the midfield positions, it was highly weakened. But it came in new and young players, and they've managed to put ​​certain players from offensive to more deffensive roles. Here I especially speak of Nani. The three strongest on the midfield in a 4-3-3 formation, I will say is Nani, Meireles and Danny. Veloso and Moutinho also have high potential.

In attack, we have one of the world's best players. Of course I mean Ronaldo. But it's not just him. Quaresma, Almeida, Varela, Gomes and Postiga are players that are constantly growing, both for their clubs and national team. I think it's a shame that some of them have switched to smaller teams for the benefit of money, but that's probably because of one simple rule: money is important.

Heisinburg 10 years ago
Manchester United 67 1516


FootbalI 10 years ago
FC Copenhagen, Denmark 0 23

Spain is way overrated. As Italy is underrated. Wait and see.

Official 10 years ago
4 71

FootbalI: I'm very agreed. Spain is overrated for sure, just look at the statistics from the World Cup 2010. Spain had an average goal on one(!) goal per match! That says it all..

bloodred1992 10 years ago
Manchester United, Portugal 15 300

I think Portugal, Germany and Spain are the teams that stand out. But I think Portugal will win should they face Spain at any stage. They have proved it by beating them 4-0. And as for the competition as a whole, again I think Portugal.

JuanMata10 10 years ago
Chelsea, Austria 17 1696

I think Germany is going to make it

Manufan456 10 years ago
Manchester United, Greece 3 19


FootbalI 10 years ago
FC Copenhagen, Denmark 0 23

Germany and Italy will be in the finals.

raimondo90 10 years ago
Valencia, Argentina 89 2491

official that may be true but all it takes to win a game is a single goal. hence spain winning the final against netherlands

Gennady 10 years ago
Manchester United, Russia 280 3865

Spain vs Germany in the finals.

Foootyroom 10 years ago

Amazing there, what you wrote. Agreeeeee!

Ihaveabbc 10 years ago
Liverpool, England 7 370

GERMANY and maybe there will be a wonder for England

keith28120 10 years ago
Chelsea, Ireland 60 177