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Football Alternate History
Chanakya999 4 years ago
Manchester United, Germany 56 167

I wanted to create another game thread because I am bored during summer vacation and I thought this would be interesting.

In my European History class this past school year, we had to do a project in which we had to change a moment of European History and analyze what would've happened then and how it would affect the present now. If you want to know, I chose what would've happened if Napoleon had successfully conquered Egypt in the 1800's (I got full marks and if anyone wants to know what I said, I have my paper and would love to share it here).

I really enjoyed this project and I wanted to do something similar like this except with football/soccer.

I want you guys to come up with a "what if scenario" that has happened in football/soccer and give an effect that would've occurred at that instance and the present.

When giving the effects, write it in the sense as if it happened rather than "this would've" or "this could've." Be affirmative and strong with your opinion. Speaking of opinion, this is completely based on what you think would've happened and you may debate about it if you feel like it.

I know my wording was terrible so I'll just provide an example.

Scenario: What would've happened in Asamoah Gyan made the penalty in the 120th minute vs. Uruguay in the 2010 World Cup?

Effect 1: Ghana would move on to the semifinals where they would've played the Netherlands. With the entire continent of Africa behind their back, they are able to send the game to a penalty shootout and win to advance to the finals where they play Spain. In this match, they lose 2-1 but they make history as being the African country hat has made it the farthest in a World Cup. Suarez would've been suspended for the first match of the 2014 World Cup.

Effect 2: Ghana is viewed as a force to be reckoned with in football and they win many Africa Cup of Nations tournaments and their players have the confidence to do good in future tournaments. Kevin Prince Boateng is one of the most stable midfielders, having found a club in the BPL to play after his amazing performances in the semifinals and finals.

Now it is your turn. Be as creative as you want too!

tiki_taka 2 years ago
Barcelona, France 360 9593

2 transfer windows decidedly the outcome :
Ronaldinho-etoo then Deco, masia players like Puyol-Xavi-Iniesta we’re growing, all planets suddenly got on the same line and from midtable crisis to CL win within 2 years...

amir_keal 2 years ago
Arsenal, Netherlands 65 2823

What if Arsenal didn't take the risk of getting Arsene Wenger

We wouldn't have been in the CL League final, no new stadium, no invincible and probably not me being an Arsenal fan.

EdgarEAM 2 years ago
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Emobot7 " Meanwhile Ronaldo win 7 ballon d'or in" LOOOOOOOOOOOOL
U are so funny 🤣🤣

MaryCrown 8 months ago
USA 0 1

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