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Fernando Torres return to Spanish Football?
Dynastian98 8 years ago
Real Madrid 483 7137

Fernando Torres, as we all know, has been poor and inconsistent for Chelsea, and that is not like his usual self. There is a rumor that Malaga want him, and I really respect Manuel Pellegrini, but would Spanish football be the answer for Torres?

MessiDona 8 years ago
Barcelona, Argentina 19 248

YES !! he cant play the physical game its as clear as that even though he has the body for it. He is more finesse and speed even tho he hasnt shown much of that this season either. I feel bad for the dude

Footaholic 8 years ago
Arsenal, Egypt 178 2277

I don't think he should leave the PL but if he does go back to Spain I'm sure he'd play well (maybe not as great as with Liverpool, but well).  I still have faith that he will re-find his form if he plays in the proper formation though.  Let's see what happens when a new manager takes over Chelsea.

Raz0RXtreme 8 years ago
Chelsea, Netherlands 2 26

you never know man maybe the grass is greener for him there, all i want to see is him going back to his original form, playin any club of his choice

devilz 8 years ago
Manchester United, England 47 670

inconsistent? actually, he is very having bad games

expertfootball11 8 years ago
Real Madrid, France 63 2620

I Hope he will come in Spain and finally get back to his form.