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Fans attack Neymar outside of hotel in Brazil
ForeverBayern 3 years ago
Bayern Munich, Germany 44 593

Two obsessed fans smashed into Neymar as he walked off the Brazil team bus in Rio de Janeiro ... and footage shows the superstar limping away.

The whole situation is absolutely ridiculous and completely unacceptable.

Here's the deal ... Neymar and his teammates had just finished a training session in Rio on Thursday leading up to Brazil's World Cup qualifier on Friday against Ecuador.

When they arrived at the team hotel, there was a large group of fans waiting for the team -- which is pretty common.

But, two fans got through security and sprinted at Neymar -- eventually knocking right into the 29-year-old at full speed!!!

Security raced over to pull the fans away -- and it looks like one of them made off with one of Neymar's shoes.

After the incident, it looks like Neymar limps into the hotel -- though it's possible he's just walking gingerly because he has no shoes on!

Ngannou 3 years ago
Paris Saint-Germain, Cameroon 1 465

surprised he didnt roll 10 times like a oil barrel with his mouth wide open.

Emobot7 3 years ago
538 11428

Yeah, I saw that one, one of the excited teen lost his balance while rushing toward him and does a good sliding tackle on him. XD I was half expecting him to dive tbh but joking aside, imagine if he would have somehow been injured from that... he would have been furious. Tbh, I blame more the security or lack of it for that kind of incident.

SecondPoteauPavard 3 years ago
Paris Saint-Germain, France 0 38

To be fair, as a PSG fan that watches Neymar play every weekend:

He obviously dives a lot and his exaggerations are sometimes SUUUUPER embarrasing. BUT he does get targeted like crazy during the games and many players "punish" him when he does tricks/skills. He also has his shirt pulled and other "minor"/non visible foals that are meant to stop his progress or just straight mess with him. So I understand him a bit more in his antics as he is just trying to mess back with those players and get them yellow/red carted and get freekicks.

In my eyes that is better than the players that go in challenges with intention of hurting others (and there are a bunch). Just my 2 cents... But yes he does exaggerate and it must be SUPER annoying when you are against him.

And to be fair I like Neymar but i'm not a HUGE fan, I think he can be very selfish on the pitch at times and slow the game of PSG by trying to be the star of the show. Still a great player in my eyes of course.

expertfootball11 3 years ago
Real Madrid, France 64 2837

Red card for the two fans who did that!

chunmin78 3 years ago
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