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Euro 2024
_Pelle_ 16 days ago
Paris Saint-Germain 157 6898

So… who do you think will win it all?

My bet is on France 😁

DarthFooty 16 days ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 37 1114

France would be my favorite this time around. England is the betting fav right now and should make a good run. Spain, maybe Italy, Germany, and Holland.

Many of the teams in lead up have some major issues to work through, but once the ball is officially kicked off, we all know normal powerhouses usually show well.

I'll be heading to Germany to catch a few matches. Belgium vs Slovakia, Switzerland vs Germany, and Holland vs Austria. Might get into Holland vs France as well....

PatrickJane 12 days ago
1 22

For some reason, it seems to me that at this EURO, Serbia, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, and the Netherlands will show themselves in the best light. And the favorite, in my opinion, is Portugal. I absolutely don't believe in France, England, etc.

Footy_watch 12 days ago
Arsenal, Brazil 25 1878

England is the betting fav right now

🤣 😂 🤣 That's just stupid English PR, they have no chance eith Southgate as manager.

Emobot7 11 days ago
540 11450

Honestly, I find it crazy how every big tournaments since Southgate joined, people expected England to flop badly and every year they do a pretty good run, only ever losing to a team that at least make the final. I think my main problem with England this season is the fact they are lacking a bit in defense with Shaw and Maguire injuries.

Portugal and Germany are crazy stacked in term of sheer quality but the question is wether or not their managers make them play like a team.

France is also very good and got the advantage of having an elite manager in the person of Didier Deschamp. Still don't think they'll win it because too many team will be on the lookout for them.

I also really like the Netherland, their performance recently has got me excited though we know that in high stake situation, against a team as good as them, fortune rarely seem to favor them.

Finally, I think people are sleeping too much on Spain, they've been amazing recently, got back Pedri who is seemingly coming back in form together with Rodri which is one of the best player in his position. They also got Nico Williams and Lamine Yamal who are in great form and are crazy good on the wings. Honestly, if they had a better more prolific striker, they'd be part of the favorite imho.

I'm gonna go with Portugal as my final prediction though, the sheer amount of talent is honestly amazing and it be great if Ronaldo could get another international trophy with his national team before he retire.

Gennady 10 days ago
Manchester United 284 3963


Algerino 8 days ago
Napoli, Algeria 6 847

Germany (home team usually does well)

_Pelle_ 7 days ago
Paris Saint-Germain 157 6898

England-Serbia was painfully boring to watch😴

I was glad that the championship had 3.5 goals per game up to that point and was exciting. And then this 1-0 happened.

Footy_watch 7 days ago
Arsenal, Brazil 25 1878

England-Serbia was painfully boring to watch😴

It's premier league football, really boring. England are doing nothing in this tournament.

Emobot7 5 days ago
540 11450

England might be boring but at least they got the 3 points. Honestly, Belgium and Ukraine not getting a single point over Slovakia and Romania was propably one of the most insane surprise of the Euro. The best part is that at the very least, one of them is nearly sure to make it to the next round which is really good considering not a lot of people gave them as chance.

Other than that, I'd argue most of the results were those we expected. Even though England, Netherland, Portugal, France and Italy struggled and won by the smallest margin, they still got the 3 points in each of their first game which is really important early on. Honestly, people following football might think they weren't convincing but none of those teams care, the early results are what important to start off your campaign in the best manner.

Croatia defeat at the hand of Spain was more surprising to me but honestly, Spain had a really impressive first half in that game and I do think they are a bit underated because their team is quite amazing in a lot of area when you think about it.