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End my misery, FR.
Heisinburg 9 years ago
Manchester United 67 1516

Since many of you hate me, I will do you all a favour by leaving this site for good now. But I would like to leave with my last messages for you, so bear with me for the last time and read my last words below:

Just to reiterate my confession once more  after being asked so many times about why I have "many accounts", there is no "many accounts". There was simply 1 account that I've used a couple of times (SeriouslyUnited). Yes, I have  already confessed it before, so why is it that you all continue to attack me with this reason?? Maybe it is because that you hate me for a certain reason, but oh well, that is tough luck. I did everything I could to ask for your forgiveness, so I can't do anything about it. And for those whom I didn't apologise to, I'm sorry for what I did. Capiche?

To be honest with you all, all the things I did in this site was all done for you all. I've spend most of my free times organising some posts, which eventually became quite popular: Trollz Lists series, the FR XI, and all the other few bits and pieces I did in order to bring members closer together for a bit. And although many of you have been attacked by trolls a few times, it was me that decided to decided to take up the responsibility and receive the most hate from the trolls and haters. Although I constantly receive personal insults, criticisms, and sadly, death threats, the pure reason why I still visit this tarnished site is because of the fact that there are people that still like me for who I was, and therefore, I would come and continue making risky contributions for your entertainment and satisfaction. 

Some of you have questioned me why I sometimes don't "answer back" to some comments/ or perhaps many insulting replies after I started it one at first. My answer it that is, I'm not the sort of person to continue a potentially long lasting argument, since we all know that at the end, there is no winner or loser. The people that carry on fighting on will eventually both end up  losing at the end since they are too stupid to think that winning an argument has nothing to do with their actual lives. I hope that answers your question for those who asked.

To  think that some of you are part of the "good members" category in this site is completely out of the question. The truth is, the ones that took part in my 'Trolls List' series, which is most of you, are also responsible in "abusing" other members in this site. Sure, I did all of you a favour by pointing out those idiot trolls that abused you at first since you all needed a form of revenge against them, but honestly, I'm not as bad as you think, since we all were on the same side against trolls back then. So don't think that you are the good guys, cos you're not. We were all born to be the bad guys, since justice prevails us all, which encourages the lack of human rights (if you understand what I mean, then I hope you understand where I'm getting at).

I hope you all also realise that I am also human, therefore, I also get hurt by your hateful comments, but I don't tend to show a lot of it since I am very quiet, hence I've never really left FR any messages on his wall. But to show you all how much I am damaged and emotionally tarnished right now, I am leaving this site for good.

I have been a proud member in this site for about 3 years now, and I think it's no use for me to stay any longer, since the responsibility for me to keep this site clean as possible from trolls was an impossible task. This site has reached a new era, but the hate still continues to spread. Some hated members in this site is right, "this is a site where opinions should be expressed and respected, not being hated for what just been said".

There is so much more I want to talk about, but I guess I've highlighted my main points. 

You can leave your goodbye messages on my wall if you like. Please, for the love of Breaking Bad, if you're comment is going to be offensive, then don't bother posting it. I've already suffered enough BS. 

Goodbye, everyone. I've had a worthwhile experience here.

P.S. To FR,

Thanks for not banning me this whole time. Now I give you permission to close it down. End my misery.

Official 9 years ago
4 71

Wassup? LoL. Quiting? Sad. Honestly, it was fun. Our heatful discussions (maybe not the right word..). "Now I give you permission to close it down." That sounded so special. A feeling of goodbye. I guess it is, Heis.


PortugalUnited 9 years ago
FC Porto, Portugal 2 26

"Although I constantly receive personal insults, criticisms, and sadly, death threats, the pure reason why I still visit this tarnished site is because of the fact that there are people that still like me for who I was, and therefore, I would come and continue making risky contributions for your entertainment and satisfaction."

Will you stay or leave? Decide.

ramaboy10 9 years ago
Mauritius 285 6463


knibis 9 years ago
Valencia, Sweden 181 2500

dont be so harsh on Heisenburg

Jimskeleton 9 years ago
Tottenham Hotspur, England 7 728

It's a bit stupid to leave over this. So you had 1 other account and used it to post a few messages, although I do find this a bit weird as I can't see why it's necessary, and so what if a few people hate you, isn't that part of life? not everyone is going to get on with you, it's no reason to leave, and about death threats, all I can say about that if it is indeed true is LOFUCKINGL, whoever is doing that, I mean really? WTF is the point.

Like I said to DonAndres in chat last week, most the people on this site have multiple accounts because they know they can get away with it because without someone fucking up there is no way for FR to prove it, some use them to up there FR rank like awais007, some use it to be general dickheads like Norway, some don't use them at all because they have simply changed there username like a lot of the arsenal guys who had RVP in there name :P....If people have multi accounts it doesn't matter any more until FR finds a solution to the problem. As long as there not being used for General abuse like norway/soccer/navigator/pussyhead whatever the fuck you want to call him then who cares.

Footaholic 9 years ago
Arsenal, Egypt 178 2277

"Death threats"... seriously? I always try my very best not to get involved with stupid arguments about trolls & multicounts and I personally think that if everyone else did the forums would have less junk in it. If someone is a clear troll then just tell FR or a mod.
As for Heisenburg, I have my own views about his previous 'aggressiveness' but I never went and bitched about it in forums. I mean, the guy made a mistake and he admitted it after being found out so just let him be. I can only speak for myself, but I'm a human and I make mistakes as well. As long as I take responsibility for them I can keep my head held high. I'm sorry if some of you don't feel the same. FWIW, I don't think Heisenburg needs to leave but that is his prerogative. It's sad that I even had to make this post.

naman93 9 years ago
Real Madrid 82 859

Enough of the bulllshit comments above from PortugalUnited, they are destined to be deleted. I prefer you staying here if you stick to football talks only and stop assuming yourself a warhero against trolls. 5 moderators are here to take care of that ... talk about the game and not about what you have been ............ well leave those things aside. 

STAY and act sensible, Contribute constructively without creating controversial troll posts !!

koldimere 9 years ago
Arsenal, Germany 86 974

Water under the bridge for me Heisinburg. At least for me. "death threats" and "insults", that too over the internet? C'mon bro. Everyone's a tough nut Chuck Norris online. Taking them seriously is wrong! Keep making the footy posts man.

BluntCanon 9 years ago
Arsenal, France 10 231

why quit when u can stand up for yourself? even though to actually believe u have another account.. well.. it's your decision.. like Russel Peter used to say, 'hey. Be a man.. do the right thing.. so please do the right thing for u.. comprende?

GunnerGo 9 years ago
Arsenal, Venezuela 13 345

well you made a mistake and yes you apologizd for it, but what i hate about this trhead is that you are making yourself to look like a fallen hero, come on man! Just stay and keep doing good posts about football, nobody cares about the trolls anymore, when naman unmasked your other account, i really didn't care because you didn't used the other account to insult or to get your rank higher (right?), so don't be like that man, you were one of he first persons i met when i got to FR and you were so cool so stay for your own good and for the good of people in here that like your posts (not the troll ones). So NOT good bye Heins!

Falconryman1 9 years ago
Arsenal 1 161

What i want to know is who do you really support?

JuanMata10 9 years ago
Chelsea, Austria 17 1696

omg heisinburg, do you really care if people on the net hate you? Are you fuucking kidding me? srsly, be a man and dont act like a 9 year old girl
Keith has more nuts than you, many users hated on him but he´s still here

Keisuke 9 years ago
Chelsea, Japan 0 830

Come on dude, haters are everywhere, on internet but also everyday in the system, i'm one of them, don't make too much attention, fuck them, fuck me, be a man!

GunnerAFC 9 years ago
Arsenal, England 47 1025

I still don't know what happened. Why does (or did) everyone hate Heisinburg? I haven't been keeping up to date with this forum drama. 

Anyway, take care.

quikzyyy 9 years ago
Arsenal 425 8592

Bro, i got one wish.
Come back here as soon as it will be possible for U! and forget about haters, you was/are really nice person here. 
Wish U good luck in the life anyway ;)

Falconryman1 9 years ago
Arsenal 1 161

Look, even if you do have another account, your still a cool guy. I have another account, SuperRobinVanPersie. Of course i don't use it anymore but it's still another account. Just ignore the haters and lets get back to old times. What do you say? :)

udikman 9 years ago
Chelsea, Indonesia 21 323

WTF ...

kenkichiotaka 9 years ago
Manchester United, Japan 47 1894

Don't go,just come and post something when you have time!!!

expertfootball11 9 years ago
Real Madrid, France 64 2806

Man, I feel sorry for you, you seemed to be a good guy. Although I think you're exagerated and you've done a second account wasn't needed. You're aren't the moderator, but you've done much more than him. If you wish to come back, you're welcome.

raimondo90 9 years ago
Valencia, Argentina 89 2491

Die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain, right?