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Casting for moderators!
FootyRoom 12 years ago
36 175

Hello fellow footyroomers :)

FootyRoom is looking for volunteers to help moderate and look after our new-born forums.

You will be required to perform a few simple tasks:

  • Make sure users follow the forum rules
  • Remove offensive posts and comments
  • Report offenders
  • Be a good example

To qualify you need to have:

  • Good command of English
  • Pleasant personality
  • Some kind of internet reputation on other websites and/or forums
  • Passion for football

If you are interested and would like to help then send us an email to

Please include your full name, age, location, and some references where we can check your reputation.

Good Luck!

parves 12 years ago
Bayern Munich, Germany 0 1

Can i upload for you my you-tube account name is p2k41 check it out

Trodex 12 years ago
Manchester United, Brazil 0 31

I would love to participate.

FootyRoom 12 years ago
36 175

Anyone who wants to participate don't forget to write us an email. So far we received three offers. We gonna run this casting for another 2 weeks.

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