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Bayer Leverkusen's Unbeaten Run in the Bundesliga
DarthFooty 15 days ago
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With a good amount of matches to go in the season, it is possible this electric run for Leverkusen might come to an end, but can't we all just appreciate things as they are today???

17 wins - 4 Draws - 0 Losses out of 21 league matches played. (They are on a 30-match unbeaten streak in all comps)
Second highest scoring team in the league at 55 GF.
Best defense in the league by far with only 14 GA.
+41 Goal Difference
55 Points to top the league

Now, yes, they have like 17 matches left to play and Bayern is still just 5 points off in second place, but what a story so far. On top of that, they put a beating on Bayern with a 3-0 win just last week.

All of Europe are watching and clubs looking for a coach have Xabi penciled in on their wish list.

I would love to see them win out, take the league, and set some history in the process. Thoughts?

Emobot7 15 days ago
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@DarthFooty Absolutely agree with everything you say, just saw a salty quote from Bayern director earlier saying that Leverkusen was super lucky with the fact the unknown player they had brought over managed to do so well. Thats called scouting.

Also, quite a few of Bayer Leverkusen standout player were not unknown before this season to anyone with a good football knoweledge.

But I digress, honestly, what Xabi been doing for Leverkusen since he came over has been simply amazing and honestly, no matter what happen, he deserve all the hype surrounding him. Perfect scenario for him would be winning the league with Leverkusen and then taking over Liverpool or Real Madrid (please no Bayern).

Honestly, it would be such an amazing achievement if they would win the league this year considering how no one else but Bayern been doing it for the last 12 years or so. It would be a tremendous success for all of the Bundesliga bar maybe Bayern as well.

But as you said, there are still 17 game to go and people are getting excited way too fast over them. They are only 5 point ahead as well. Considering their overall performance, this just show you how crazy good Bayern still is despite their 'Bad Season'.

Honestly, I would be super happy if they did manage to win but with my experience in football now, I seriously doubt it. I do think they got a better chance to win the Bundesliga than Girona have of winning La Liga but I'm still not optimist about their chance. That just how good and rampant Bayern are. You need to be nearly perfect just to keep up with them. Its crazy.

Still, no matter what does happen, it should not take away from what this Leverkusen side has been doing, they are a crazy good side and should be praised for the progression they been going through in recent seasons.

Good of you to take the time to mention it Darth!

Footy_watch 8 days ago
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They are winning the league now that they are 8 points ahead and Tuchel is not good for bayern. The only question is whether they will be the 3rd team to go unbeaten in this century.
First it was us in 2004, then it was Juventus in 2012, now it may be Bayer Leverkusen in 2024.

_Pelle_ 7 days ago
Paris Saint-Germain 155 6862

Really impressive… but it only shows what it takes for any team to win Bundesliga over Bayern.

Still I bet entire Germany is behind Leverkusen… they have to win it to save the leagues reputation.