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Bayer Leverkusen's Unbeaten Run in the Bundesliga
DarthFooty 3 months ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 37 1106

With a good amount of matches to go in the season, it is possible this electric run for Leverkusen might come to an end, but can't we all just appreciate things as they are today???

17 wins - 4 Draws - 0 Losses out of 21 league matches played. (They are on a 30-match unbeaten streak in all comps)
Second highest scoring team in the league at 55 GF.
Best defense in the league by far with only 14 GA.
+41 Goal Difference
55 Points to top the league

Now, yes, they have like 17 matches left to play and Bayern is still just 5 points off in second place, but what a story so far. On top of that, they put a beating on Bayern with a 3-0 win just last week.

All of Europe are watching and clubs looking for a coach have Xabi penciled in on their wish list.

I would love to see them win out, take the league, and set some history in the process. Thoughts?

Footy_watch 1 month ago
Arsenal, Brazil 24 1871

The amount of times they have comeback to avoid defeat must have set a new record

Footy_watch 25 days ago
Arsenal, Brazil 24 1871

OMG I just went to check if bayer leverkusen played today and saw that they have done it again scoring in the 96th minute to avoid defeat.

DarthFooty 25 days ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 37 1106

I REALLY hope they don't find that these games are "rigged" so that the team goes unbeaten all season. I still believe there is good in the world and that we are watching a historic run, but I will be pissed if we come to find out they cheated somehow.

Emobot7 22 days ago
538 11435

@Darth What are those accusation of cheating I see? Because a scenario seem unrealistic, then it had to be rigged? But then, in the same way, pherhap we should accuse Bayern of having cheated for the past 10 years or so? Because them winning the league as much as they did wasn't very realistic when you think about it. But seriously, I say we shouldn't be so paranoid and just try to enjoy the great storyline we get out of football sometime. ;)

DarthFooty 22 days ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 37 1106

@Emobot Some people can't take others true success and have to find ways to bring them down. I have read some comments online about Leverkusen rigging matches as it's so unbelievable that they have escaped without a loss on so many occasions.

I have not read anything from more "official" sources, so right now, it's just haters hatin. haha