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Are some teams depend of ONE player?
mladen 8 years ago
Manchester United, Yugoslavia 252 2308

Rosell said Barca will newer sell Messi. If they can sell him for 150-200 milions,why not? 

tuan_jinn 8 years ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 188 6509

Well, it's hard to find another Messi in hundreds years... Barca knows it, they want to break/set some more long-stand  records. After Barca Messi will come to MU

raimondo90 8 years ago
Valencia, Argentina 89 2490

Messi stated he would end his career with Barca do he isn't leaving. But why should Barca sell him? He's the worlds best player and incredible for the team 

expertfootball11 8 years ago
Real Madrid, France 63 2618

Yeah like Hazard in Lille.

Nico10 8 years ago
Barcelona, Moldova 38 290

Messi is a "canterano" from "la Masia" like Valdes, Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta, etc. that's why he would never think about leaving barça. The same philosophy is using Ath. Bilbao, there almost every player are from their academy.

P.D. I always wll respect more the players who doesn't leave their teams even when they win nothing, than the ones who do it for money like someone who everyone knows... the real legends like de rossi, Totti, Xavi, Puyol, Maldini, del Piero, etc... aren't legends just because of their talents but because of their loiality to his clubs.

P.D.D. Raul who played 16 years in Real Madrid and who did so much things for his club at the end R.M. did nothing to thanks him everything he did but Schalke where he stayed 2 years only, they said that they are going to retire the number 7 and will play a frendly match in his honour. That say a lot of the lordship of the Real Madrid from now.

devilz 8 years ago
Manchester United, England 47 670

well i think messi will stay at barca for his best years...when he gets older like 33/34 he may move to the PL. but im not saying he would move to united, and it may not be the PL it could be serie a, bundesliga etc...i just said the PL because most players want to play in the PL at some point in their career. but thats if he does want to move from barca. my opinion... but he probally will never move away from barca anyways lol

GunnerGo 8 years ago
Arsenal, Venezuela 13 345

And Messi said that if he ever leaves barca, he will return to Argentina and play for Rosario Central.

WhatTheHell 8 years ago
Barcelona, Spain 15 591

@devilz Messi would not go to EPL he will retire in Barcelona and probably going back to childhood club Newells Old Boys in Argentina 

devilz 8 years ago
Manchester United, England 47 670

@whathehell read the last bit of my comment i said that he will probably never move away from barca. i was saying that if he was to move away from barca, then in my opinion it could be a move to the PL...