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Casino VIP Programs and Football Betting: Exclusive Rewards and Offers

Casinos and sportsbooks are no strangers to using bonuses as a user acquisition strategy. However, players get way better perks through loyalty programs. Unlocking the VIP customer tier can often be expensive, so operators are eager to keep big spenders around. As many big brands also cater to casino gamers and sports bettors, their VIP or rewards programs can be versatile. This means that gambling or spending on any type of content allows users to advance through loyalty tiers.

The goal of the article is to go over some of the examples of these exclusive rewards. We will explain how they work and why they are a great fit for casino gamers and sports bettors.

Why are VIP Perks Better Than Regular Bonuses?

Regular bonuses, especially those for new players can be very generous. You can get a few hundred if not a thousand extra dollars as a match on the deposit. Sometimes they apply to the first few payments, and they are often accompanied by free spins or free bets.

That’s not all, seasonal and ongoing weekly bonuses are also there and they have similar perks. However, they all have playthrough requirements. This prevents players from cashing out their winnings, and in a way forces them to spend more and play more to become eligible for payouts.

VIP perks are way more expensive to unlock but often come with no strings attached. Reload match, cashback funds, or free spins you get don’t have wagering requirements. You can gamble with those and simply cash out your winnings.

How to Find Casinos with Great VIP Programs

Loyalty programs can be unique and in many cases unspecified. When they are not specified, users need to reach out to customer support and get informed about what types of perks they can expect. It can be tedious to browse through sites and check for these things manually. Luckily, there’s no need for that. There is a list of real money casinos selected by PlaySafeCasino's experts and their reviews also cover VIP perks. It’s a lot easier to simply read it there than to visit every site, and even wait for customer support agents to reply.

Of course, VIP perks aren’t just in online casinos and sportsbooks. Many big brands with retail betting shops have their own VIP clubs. These perks can be different compared to those online, and we’ll go over them as well.

Examples of Exclusive Rewards and Offers

Truth be told, not all of the VIP rewards are very creative, but they are nonetheless valuable, and worth it. Some of the common examples you’ll find on online gambling sites are the following:

  • Permanent cashback unlocked - The higher your VIP tier the higher the percentage of cashback. It can be between 5% (lower tiers) and 30% (higher tiers).
  • A match on every deposit - Casinos and sportsbooks might award a little extra cash on every deposit to their loyal members. You can get between 20% (lower tiers) and 100 (higher tiers) match on each payment.
  • Weekly promo codes - Players are often treated with promo codes they can redeem to get extra funds, free spins, or free betting slips.
  • Free slips/spins - VIP members often get freebies for each deposit up to 100 free spins, or a few betting slips valued between $20-$40. The free slips are only viable for accumulator bets.

Examples of VIP Perks in Retail Casinos

Retail brands with strong international presence have the luxury to offer different types of perks to their club members:

  • Free Parking
  • Discounts on meals and accommodations
  • Invitations to special events
  • Tickets for upcoming football games

It only goes to show the impact of tourism on the casino industry, as many foreigners who stay in high-end establishments will likely come back given these perks. They might plan their visit around these perks especially if they are invited to special events or sports games.

Other Types of Reward Structures

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Operators can be more creative with their reward program and even have a concept of reward points. These aren’t necessarily tied to loyalty tiers but are collected by engaging with other types of content. For example, if someone plays a specific game and spends $100 on it they might get 10 RP.

These points can be then exchanged for valuable prices or again for bonus cash. This is great for operators who try to promote different forms of gambling entertainment. After all, every hobby can get boring at times and trying something new can be very entertaining. We see this in sports often, as football players pivot to boxing or even to playing chess, and discover they have a talent for that too.

Another reward structure is monthly giveaways. Typically, players who spend between $20-$50, earn one ticket for a lucky draw that takes place at the end of each month. Prizes here can be small cash rewards, or even big and valuable items like cars. For sports bettors, it can be tickets for a match or autographs and meetings with their favourite athletes. These are all great rewards, and players are happy to claim them instead of cash.

The main benefit of the reward point structure is that it also gives operators a chance to promote new games or prioritize software providers that give them better profit-sharing deals. It also incentivizes more spending, as players get something in return that they can use.


As you can see, VIP programs and perks can be vastly different from regular casino and sportsbook bonuses. They are unique and offer permanent boons to loyal customers. Since many gamblers are fans of football it’s only natural that operators mainly use football players as brand ambassadors. Not only that, these same brand ambassadors often participate in big giveaways and get gamblers excited to play more.

Published by Patrick Jane