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Salah Admitted That He Got Into Chess & Would Like to Play Against Magnus Carlsen — the Grandmaster Responded

Recently, Salah confessed that he has developed a serious interest in playing chess and would like to test his skills in a match against the world champion.

«I play chess. I got addicted to it. Every day, literally every day, I play online.

I don't use my real name. More precisely, I use a username and add numbers. Some people ask, 'Are you the famous Mo Salah?' I confirm, and they respond, 'You're lying.' And I say, 'Yes, I am lying.'

I'm good. I'm not Magnus Carlsen, but I'm good. No one has a chance against Magnus, but I hope we'll play someday. My Elo rating is around 1400.»

And Carlsen is ready to accept the challenge from the Liverpool forward. The legendary chess player sent a short message to Mo on Twitter.

By the way, Carlsen has already played against a Liverpool footballer once. In 2018, he sat down at the chessboard with Trent — it took the Norwegian only 17 moves to defeat the Reds defender, who is also a giant chess fan.

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Now we await the match with Salah!

Published by Patrick Jane