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Arsenal vs Aston Villa
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Top Comments
GunnerAFC 11 years ago
Arsenal, England 47 1026
Simplicity. Quality. Class. Arsenal.
ArsenalClub 11 years ago
Arsenal, Chile 0 2391
Another fantastic over the top assist from Song! His passes are like what Cesc used to do at Arsenal. Also a cracking free kick from Arteta! 3 points clear of Spurs now....mind the gap! LOL
Niho10 11 years ago
Juventus, Bosnia and Herzegowina 0 215
It's a damn shame that Arteta has never been called up to the Spain National Squad. He's a helluva midfielder.
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Mir 10 years ago
WTF I share your sentiments. But cghnae the What to Who as in, Who The Fuck does Arsene think he's fooling. We're onto him!Jacques sleep is always good. I promise to write a more clever and topical post in the coming months, just for you. Dray either WTF didn't get it, or he totally got it and agreed 100%. I prefer the latter interpretation.Gooner Gone & Loh glad you liked it. I secretly hope I am wrong, not eerily and inadvertently prescient. If Arteta stays fit and impresses and plays for the Furia Roja at some point, expect to hear the cries of Catalonian friends and family.AK I definitely share your sentiment that Barca got away with some shady shenanigans when signing Cesc.
madridi4vida 11 years ago
Real Madrid, Spain 0 18
That was an amazing free kick!! I'm starting to like Arteta..
m ali 11 years ago
gooonnnneeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr for life..
Arsenal 11 years ago
Arsenal attacked more but not scoring a goal back then lost - a chorus that's probably not the first time. In the game that shot up to 22 compared with 4 of the shots have to robin 1-1 ratio is probably the only confirmed that. Final minutes, Newcastle focus now in question after the same reaction phase, Verminator rushed up from the yard with a strong desire of the profession. Working in Pha definitely sink earned 3 points of bravery. In the past, we can see in the photo but Vermaelen W.Gallas it at a higher level special team spirit.
enes 11 years ago
arsenal <3 <3 <3
naman93 11 years ago
Real Madrid 82 859
what a comeback by arsenal after once being 17th in league table.... they deserve the 3rd spot .... RESPECT, RESPECT AND RESPECT
ManUtd4Life 11 years ago
This is why I respect Arsenal. They play pure football. No cheating, no diving, no spending 100 million a season to buy players. They simply play brilliant football. Respect to Arsene Wenger, respect to the players, and respect to this beautiful club. My wishes are with you guys for the remainder of the season, and I can't wait to see Arsenal destroy Manchester City.
here we go again 11 years ago
we play great football as well . we hit the crossbar 16 times ynwa
MRarsenal500 11 years ago
Arsenal, England 59 741
Arsenal will help united win the league by destroying man shite!
TURKEY 11 years ago
Jojo 11 years ago
Sabiol 11 years ago
Argentina 0 645
whooo what bomb by "cesc" arteta...
Arsenal 11 years ago
Keep any message Objectively speaking, the empty-handed Arsenal a long time is hard to accept. Mr. Wenger understands it, is stressed about it and believe it is waiting for that. The journalists, professionals and fans himself as erudite always offer criticism or advice to the Frenchman. But none of them understood him to Arsenal more intelligent solution than when the team was forced to sell the stars to go every summer to help cover the debt from building the Emirates? Obviously Wenger never talk about it as an excuse, but with each passing failure, Arsenal will be stronger. Arsenal need to change and are still changing as the current force has a certain thickness. Professor spoke about the transfer next summer with the word "quality" instead of numbers. So rest assured that the current Arsenal have added a player Podolski, when Wilshere, Diaby ready next season they will grow much stronger. Van Persie has said about wanting to remain at Arsenal to go all the way Wenger has outlined. If that's true, this is the first summer the Gunners will not bleed. This shows that there have been changes in the financial potential of the club, the belief in the future, anything that Fabregas or Nasri can not feel. In an afternoon filled with sunshine like the joy, excitement anyone would not think about the future?
TomGooner 11 years ago
Woah City draw with stoke. Watch out if you keep that up we will be chasing you city!!
jack simkins 11 years ago
Arsenal 3rd in the league 8 points clear of Newcastle and Chelsea and 3 points clear of the SCUM what more could we wish FOR!!!
sam harvey 11 years ago
Arsenal 3rd in the league 8 points clear of Newcastle and Chelsea and 3 points clear of the SCUM what more could we wish FOR!!!!
Sam 11 years ago
Why you use my name, why would i support that foreign shitty team, they shouldn't even play in the ENGLISH League.
Jack Simkins 11 years ago
Shocking display from Arsenal, all f
sam harvey 11 years ago
I used mates account to say that because i support southend and im jealous of a 60,000 crowd when we have only 5000 -_-
simba 11 years ago
i dont hear anyone saying wenger must go lol stupid fans
Arsenal 11 years ago
and pragmatic team play poorly.fuck MU
udikman 11 years ago
Chelsea, Indonesia 21 323
Definitely Arsenal get better cause they concentrate on EPL only ...
lou 11 years ago
city should be getting better now that they are concentrating on the epl as well...
john_key 11 years ago
Liverpool, England 2 46
yups both shite
RVP 11 years ago
this is the
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