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Paris Saint-Germain vs Manchester City
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busyourass 5 years ago
funny defending from both teams
BLUE 5 years ago
CFCKings 5 years ago
So much arrogance was coming from the PSG fans and Premier League haters . . . "PSG would wreck every Premier League team!" is something I saw read alot. Well look at this: Ligue 1's runaway winner . . . 25 POINTS ahead of second place, with a goal difference 45 better than the next highest can't beat Premier League's 4th placed team . . . and didn't exactly blow away Chelsea who were in the bottom half of the table when we played them! Do us all a favour Premier League haters, stop being jealous that the world loves our league more than yours and just stfu. Hope you smash them City!
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Pedro 5 years ago
Fench league is a shit, the only good team is Psg, premier legue is so much good..
herna 5 years ago
KDB is a quality player
Kmasof 5 years ago
David Luiz should've seen second yellow for diving. Clever diving though.
ftto 5 years ago
Oturan51 5 years ago
Paris Saint-Germain, France 2 111
A chelsea fan saying PSG fans are arrogant ? lol ok sure. I knew this was going to be a difficult match and i respect city as well as other teams that we face (which doesn't seem to be your case ...). BLP is obviously better than ligue 1, i don't think anybody believe otherwise ... Anyways, strange game with lots of mistakes but the tie is still very much open in my opinion (little advantage for City though)
Jude 5 years ago
come on man city... for the premier league
yikes!!!!! fernando!!!!!
L0ic54 5 years ago
Borussia Dortmund, France 0 59
I am not a Man City fan but I want an English team to reach the semifinals. And they have the two away goals which is very good for them. Come on City!
FastFootball 5 years ago
Go for it City. Show the world that the EPL still has teams that can win in Europe.
Edmund Khoo 5 years ago
The standard of refereeing is extremely poor in this season's Champions League. David Luiz dived to win the penalty and Ibrahimovic was clearly offside when Rabiot scored PSG's second goal.
Paolo 5 years ago
Ibrahimovic had nothing to do with that play, yes he was in an offside position, but Hart parried it away and Rabiot scored.
Pete 5 years ago
Yeah, don't bother mention the fact that Mangala should have received a red card + penalty to PSG in the beginning of the match.
MANCITYBEST 5 years ago
david luiz fucking diver. dived 2 times little cunt.
stormtrooper 5 years ago
Ibra's first goal is like a bug in FIFA16. LOL
Charles Raines 5 years ago
Messi 5 years ago
KDB :)
Jerry 5 years ago
I believe in the 2nd leg City will work best disrupting play in the middle of the pitch. Fernandinho and Fernando were able to get some timely interceptions of PSG passes and get the ball forward quickly. From my observations, PSG do spend too much time passing the ball with no purpose, kind of like City on many occasions throughout the last few years. That was one of the reasons why I did like this match-up for City, because PSG play pretty similar to City. A squad who likes to pass the ball, but without any inclination of what to do. All of sudden one bad pass and they are caught out of position. That is how City were able to get their two goals. I hope that is the case on Tuesday.
Jesus Christ 5 years ago
schurrle 5 years ago
KDB is the future of Manchester City!
alex 5 years ago
man$hitty and p$g are money club and no history lollllllllllll
Wanc Ponsonby 5 years ago
whats the idea with no history ? u live by ur history ? nottingham forest , aston villa and steua bucharesti won champions league once. where are they now ?
what matters is football club go through making new records and maybe someday they'll be the history
calm urself.
Edyr 5 years ago
@Wanc yeah but at least they didnt do it with oil money
sssssssssssssss 5 years ago
mcfc are over 100 years old

you should know this rag
zizuthelegend 5 years ago Edited
AC Milan 0 731
Most of Man U games in EPL were rigged, your Sir Alex was paying refs right left and center to make foul calls and free wins. Best thing was the Champions League final against Barca. Now sit with LVG as your boss.
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Most of Man U games in EPL were rigged, your Sir Alex was pay refs right left and center to make foul calls and free wins. Best thing was the Champions League final against Barca. Now sit with LVG as your boss.
lucho 5 years ago
one day de bruyne will be in top 3 ballon d'or
king_drogba 5 years ago
fuuucck morinho for letting de bruyne go
Fru_Toot 5 years ago
Manchester City, England 54 635
No toure, no sterling, no kompany yet the psg fans claimed ligue 1 is better than the premier league lmfao give me a break.
_Gonzi_ 5 years ago
Juventus, Argentina 2 2102
1. Toure could have made a difference
2. but Veratti and Pastore could have made a difference also
3. Kompany is overrated. He can't head the ball, he can't defend, he can only foul. What good is it having a defender who gets injured so easily. It defeats the purpose of being a defender.
4. on lol
posd 5 years ago
you don't know shitt about Kompany. Overrated? I don't know who rated that, my guess is you called it yourself, probably from unreliable sources anyway.
But for sure he's the leader. Don't believe me? just look at City's status of conceding goals with and without him.
Bk 5 years ago
Can anyone tell me why Mangala even plays football professionally? That guy is ALWAYS awkward on the ball.
Jerry 5 years ago
I hope you didn't put too much time and effort into this comment. You probably had 4-5 different comments to say about Mangala, but that is what you settled for.
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