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Brazil vs Peru
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Richmond882 5 years ago Edited
Barcelona, Azerbaijan 0 4
Wow. Just speechless. Brazil went from the Ronaldos, rivaldos, and dinhos to lucas lima being number 10. These guys should be ashamed of themselves for even putting on that jersey and not at all doing it justice..
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Wow. Just speechless. Brazil went from the Ronaldos, rivaldos, and dingos to lucal lima being number 10. These guys should be ashamed of themselves for even putting on that jersey and not at all doing it justice..
Wow. Just speechless. Brazil went from the Ronaldos, rivaldos, and dinhos to lucal lima being number 10. These guys should be ashamed of themselves for even putting on that jersey and not at all doing it justice..
f_sat_ 5 years ago
Kashima Antlers, Japan 0 35
Dunga should leave now, the team lacks passion! The hand goal shouldn't be an excuse for bad performance overall.
KickYourBalls 5 years ago Edited
Real Madrid, England 0 209
Although it's clearly a handball but I'm glad Brazil is out. Now, please sack Dunga..
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HAHA Loser Brazil. Now please sack Dunga
Although it's clearly a handball and I'm glad Brazil is out. Now please sack Dunga
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Username 5 years ago
Liverpool, United States 0 721
1Boss 5 years ago
Its really heart breaking and disappointing to see these kind of performances but Its what you get when you have DUNGa. Lucas Lima and Elias are not ready to compete at this level and what a way to let the tradition of the no 10 jersey down. Willian is a great player and a hard worker i would like to see him deployed as a no 8, i think he would be a devastating box to box midfielder with his range of passing, dribbling ability and industry. With all being said Brazil has at its disposal too much talent to be embarassed at a major competition like this, but its with that same talent pool, the right selection and guidance that brazilian football can get back on track. Bring back Thiago Silva and Marcelo, axe Gil, Elias, Lucas Lima, Elias, Renato Augusto and put Diego Alves back in goal.
Davgadorj 5 years ago
Barcelona, Mongolia 1 10
barzil no way
Schweinsteiger Tiger 5 years ago
Now imagine if Claudia Pizzaro was in for Peru. They would've dominated this Brazil.
braininahat 5 years ago
What nobody is talking about is Lima's attempted fake foul in the penalty box to try to coax a penalty kick from the referee. And why no yellow card at least on that? He kicks a Peruvian defender hard and hurls himself to the ground -- and the referee saw it too. The referee also saw the clear trip in the penalty box by Brasil -- yet no call for Peru. Brasil cheated this game...except they got caught. So now they're crying because Peru didn't. Stop crying. It's embarrassing. You lost. You would have lost had the game been called correctly. And I would have ejected Lima for his blatant dive in the box.
SergioAguero10 5 years ago
This match proves alot....Firstly, Neymar wouldn't make such a major impact even if he played (he is my second best player). However, despite the handball that surpirisingly got called a goal-Brazil were outplayed....Its either the manager or the effort of the players, with Dunga seeming the problem. Brazil are lucky to have such a range of young stars in their team, yet their manager can't seem to bring out those qualities. So great game Peru, you deserved the win.....Despite the way you did it!!!
crab939 5 years ago
The end of Brazilian football actually started 2 years ago in 2014 WC. As a Brazil football fan, I am expecting the first ever WC finals without Brazil. :-(
Ebe1981 5 years ago
I wont be messing around with brazil on something like that. I heard that a referee got murdered for being unfair there. I hope everything is going to be fine.
messi 5 years ago
unfair in a school tournament..
Kerumai 5 years ago
That looks like it hits Ruidiaz's upper thigh if you look closely at 3:11 and 3:20. The frames on the video don't help though.
unknown person 5 years ago
on the tournament whereas any game matches. you wanted get a justice in this game match that so worst for me to say there is no ref like that such a shameful itself. as you know, you want to get real ref on the tournament cup that i think brazil hasn't deserved get 1-0 by referee decision, it was killed the samba team that shouldn't give a score 1-0 it was clearly handball what a worst ref that can't compared which one handball or goal scored itself. what the hell of this ref today i very worst and embrace for people see. im pointed out of this case it ref doesn't care of justice in what happened brazil team. they care for people intention and a lack of knowledge seems that ref have a study to take once more again in lower school study lahh that wasn't goal ref.
Messi 5 years ago
This clearly proves that Brazil dont play that good without nyemar and marcello
andrew 5 years ago
wtf did i just witness
ugyn 5 years ago
i realize brazil had no fearful centreforward like Ronaldo,rivaldo,Fabiano anymore..
azpeng 5 years ago
Selangor, Malaysia 0 8
what happened Brazil!
asd 5 years ago
Where the fuck is neymar?
Nathan the wise 5 years ago
to stop or at least minimize corruption in football, we really need replays for the referees.
millions see the replay seconds after it happened. why not the ref. it would be no problem.
and it would be much faster. no discussions.
FenerbahceFan 5 years ago
Fenerbahce, Turkey 0 10
These commentators are just aids
abdi 5 years ago
where the hell is marcelo
mauricio 5 years ago
Erki Tuul 5 years ago
A big mistake obviously but when you don't call your best players to your team your'e gonna lose no matter what the circumstances, in that case I'm sorry for Brazil but you dig your own grave
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