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West Bromwich Albion vs Chelsea
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Top Comments
_Pelle_ 6 years ago
Paris Saint-Germain 124 6441
Some ppl were like "Pedro is not that good, just a decent player". No he is a great player! A matchwinning debute with a goal and assist, thats more than any Man Utd player over 3 games.
AlexBatak 6 years ago Edited
Chelsea, Italy 204 2707
Pedro would have had 3 assists if Falcao and Willian hit the net with that genius passes from him.
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Pedro would have had 3 assist if Falcao and Willian hit the net with that genius passes from him.
NeymarJR_11 6 years ago
Barcelona, Indonesia 0 349
what a debut, Pedro! one goal, one assist. Costa is back! Chelsea is back!!
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colgate 6 years ago
is oscar or willian should be on the first eleven? who is better? i hope oscar :(
Malagueno 6 years ago
Pedro's always been a great player. Here he continued to prove that the "Premier League defense is so much better than in La Liga" is a complete myth. Look what he was doing to West Brom, it's like playing against children: lifting the ball over sliding challenges, taking three players with backheels, passing through the defense like butter. Truth is both leagues are similar in quality, just different styles of play.
kore 6 years ago
hazard - oscar - pedro - costa : guarantee chelsea goals
reddit 6 years ago
truth have been spoken
Deez2312 6 years ago
Jose can see in Falcao the determination to get back to greatness..ManU never had the firepower to provide him with quality ball ,Chelsea do ,watch him now shine.
. 6 years ago
all Chelsea goalscorers are Spanish. lol. Chelsea should appeal for that red card. Absolutely unfair.
Edy Brokoli 6 years ago
Falcao = Torres
Cavin11 6 years ago
Chelsea, United States 2 884
Thank you, Barca!
Baon 6 years ago
musalimq 6 years ago
Juventus, Spain 0 481
I thought Pedro would thrive in EPL but it is too early to judge though. What makes me think he would be good is that he is an absolute team player and fights for the ball like a madman. Some players are only good with the ball, some are good just at clearing the ball. He plays good both with and without. Chelsea are going to benefit.
fatboy 6 years ago
Arsenal, Germany 0 916
congrats on pedro,but still morrison was the star for this match,poor penalty but made 2 great goals.
Lebauex 6 years ago
I don't hear the haters anymore... Fabregas lacked the Energy to oppose himself at a defensive play. Let's take of that.
LucasAndPiazon 6 years ago
Chelsea FC, Indonesia 0 108
john tery necessarily inappropriate given a red card because he had not committed a violent offense against players. i was disappointed with the referee who led the game
NONE 6 years ago
oh here comes the one match judge. ONE MATCH PPL !
Football is+the+best 6 years ago
Why does wenger have to miss out on great players like Pedro? I know he is pretty old and arsenal is already getting benzema but come on. Imagine Sanchez, benzema, Pedro playing as the front three.
Matt 6 years ago
"already getting Benzema" pffft.. I'll believe that when I see it
LolWut 6 years ago
Keep dreaming man - Benzema is going nowhere. Once again, Wenger's stubborness to ignore the whole world screaming how Arsenal needs a center forward is proving to be real.
GunnersAFC 6 years ago
Arsenal, England 0 2333
Great start for Pedro in English football
Mike 6 years ago
Gotta be honest, hated Pedro when he played for Barca... Love the guy when he plays for Chelea! Great pace and energy, exactly what we needed
Addie 6 years ago
Pedro has won everything there is to win, Winning treble TWICE, Winning EURO TWICE, 1 World Cup for Spain, and Multiple La Ligas and not to mention domestic cups............He is the unsung Hero for Barcelona FC.....and I bet he is on his way to win EPL.......
Zul 6 years ago
Well... that was interesting.. Chelsea had a shit start to the season, everyone was lauging at them then they manage to snap up Pedro, a player that has to be one of the most underrated players for the last years, and voila they are back in business. You can say what you want about Mourinho but he sure knows how to bounce back from defeats and make critics eat their words. This season is gonna be absolutely crazy ,cant wait for tommorow Arsenal - Liverpool !
gianflavio 6 years ago
Chelsea FC, United States 0 192
how was that a red card?
TeamMessi 6 years ago
Pedro is a good and fast player.. Chelsea gonna need him! Feels good to see him shine in EPL
orangutan 6 years ago
pedro was very important cog in barcelona team. and he has won every title a player can win; domestic championships, cups, champions league, world and european champion with spain...we shouldn't have let him go but it is great to see him play and enjoy the game. we will never forget what he has done with barcelona. go pedro! go chelsea!
Footymania 6 years ago
Van gaal still thinks Pedro is useless.
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