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Cordoba vs Barcelona
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Top Comments
lol 7 years ago
Messi gives the penalty to Neymar, who was having a bad day, even though he could've scored his Hat-trick while others get mad because a teammate scores a goal. #DIFFERENCES
BarcaArge 7 years ago
Barcelona, Argentina 0 773
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE MATCH: Seeing Suarez working his butt off and getting his deserved hattrick after SO MANY GAMES! and yes, the BEAUTY OF TEAM PLAY! This Barcelona trio is like a family! Messi giving Neymar the penalty was heart whelming. I LOVE MY BARCELONA!!
Mav 7 years ago
My favourite player is Cristiano but I am not ashamed to admit that Messi is, indeed, the best - perhaps even the best of all time. Well played Barca. They now have a legitimate chance to clinch the treble.
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Tylor_ 7 years ago
United States 0 156
Their is no doubt about Barca winning La liga! The Champions sets as the only challenge, while the copa de ley is a desert! High respect to Messi! This is now what you call a team!
Barca4life 7 years ago
Luis Suarez scored 3 goals: one with his left, one with his right, and one with his head...all 3 of them on first touches. Amazing!
Roland 7 years ago
Atletico Madrid, Australia 0 82
I usually try to avoid making Messi vs Ronaldo type comments. And while they're both fantastic players - though Messi is my favourite - I'd have to say that I could never imagine Ronaldo deliberately giving up a hat-trick by giving a penalty (what would be his 3rd goal) to a team-mate...
steven 7 years ago
Ronaldo wouldn't let that happen if the teammate in question were dying of cancer and his one wish was to score a goal in La Liga.
mothrah 7 years ago
Old bitey did good again
fatboy 7 years ago
Arsenal, Germany 0 916
crazy barca!they will win the league for sure!
hshami 7 years ago
This is why barcelona has been so successful this season, everyone is a team! It does not matter who scores the goal, the entire team celebrates together. This is a recipe for success in any team
GotzilGunners 7 years ago
Arsenal, Germany 0 44
Barca is so good, but to tell the truth this is the kind of thing that makes la Liga look bad...remember when Bayern beat Paderborn 6-0 and everyone was hating on the Bundesliga so hard...
peshal 7 years ago
messi makes his teamates feel comfortable to play with him. This reminds me when Ronaldiho was doing this with messi.
Octen10 7 years ago
Barcelona, Spain 0 16
Lets be honest Lads who da phuck Vote barca Poor and Cordoba Top Class.
Leo 7 years ago
and few voted Barca lucky too.. LoL lucky 8 goals.. that is some massive luck :)
YU1234 7 years ago
Barcelona 0 3
The Messi heder was amazing, he nearly scored a econd header
Vivavista 7 years ago
As a RM supporter, I would have to say Messi is a player with such class in addition to his abilities with his unique personality and his for-the-team mentality. Ronaldo is also great, but has a personality of a greedy 10 year old boy.
Jerrin 7 years ago
Messi will be remembered only for his heroics for barcelona.... I think he cannot be compared to Zidane or maradona.... That's different level boys...To win every game with such strong team is far more easier...But to win world cup facing strong, tougher defense is different story...
Barca 7 years ago
10 in front of goal....Messi finds his team mate with air ball....WoW...that 1st goal....Rakitic rocket...
pawangurung2014 7 years ago Edited
Bayern Munich, Hong Kong 0 517
We have still so many key players injured oh no Barcelona have a big chance to beat us and have sweet revenge on us good luck Barcelona but we will also fight strong without our key players robben, ribery, lewandowski & Alaba. May be Lewa & Ribery might play not sure.
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We have still so many key players injured oh no Barcelona have a big chance to beat us and have sweet revenge on us good luck Barcelona but we will also fight strong without our robben, ribery, lewandowski & Alaba. May be Lewa & Ribery might play not sure.
Rhatalos 7 years ago
La Liga Miss V. Valdes now lol
ory1994 7 years ago
Manchester United, Germany 0 199
Messi looks so different with that tattoo...
PJ Anton 7 years ago
but still a magician nonetheless
hylmaS4 7 years ago
Barcelona, Switzerland 0 44
I love this team. They don't unselfish. Give another team mates to do something like penalty or free kick. Thanks boys, and credit to manager, Luis Enrique!
Khmeroz 7 years ago
Manchester United, Australia 0 232
Messi is such a gentle man! He's great
mugi 7 years ago
perfect hat trick by Suarez, both feet and header
riciver37 7 years ago
Barcelona, Argentina 0 1
visca Barca
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