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Argentina vs Belgium
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Top Comments
tuan_jinn 7 years ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 198 6896
How did Belgium deserved more??? After the early goal, nothing happened... Belgium tried poorly.
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zopfan 7 years ago
i can't watch this. plz resolve this problem. thanks.
ibrahimovic1011 7 years ago
Argentina fans that say Messi will not be better than Maradonna until he has won a World Cup proabably only watch football during the World Cup. Any true football fan already knows that he has proven he is the greatest player in history years ago. ALSO, Argentina fan must also realize that the ONLY reason Argentina has made is this far in the World Cup is because of Messi.
unk 7 years ago
lol wondering why this got downvoted to shit because its completely true.
JimBleedsArsenal 7 years ago
Arsenal, England 3 691
congrats to all semi finalists
Cavin11 7 years ago
Chelsea, United States 2 884
belgium always makes games boring. fair result.
adugna 7 years ago
Are u kidding me Argentina will win the WC and Messi to u will see that?
Tuanis 7 years ago
Manchester United, England 85 2290
Am I the only one in here that thinks Argentina has played poorly and does not deserve to be where they are?
Iraqi_Madridista 7 years ago
Real Madrid 33 1388
No, you are not the only one.
Silverbird 7 years ago
football is not about playing well but about scoring more goals than your opponent, they won all their games ---> how they don't deserve to be where they are?
ryback 7 years ago
Everton, Belgium 1 276
Marc Wilmots has made some big mistake:1. Put off Kevin Mirallas after he make a best try...2. Do not put Romelu Lukaku & Mertens in first team instead of placing Eden Hazard & Divock Origi...3. Put in Nacer Chadli...
JBlack 7 years ago
Real Madrid, Belgium 0 452
and to make things worse he decided that Van Buyten had to play up front the last 15 minutes... as if that's ever a good idea
mt_hart 7 years ago
I can't imagine Argentina will progress to next round. Netherlands will defeat them in Semi-final and they will met Brazil for third place. I think the Cham is Netherlands, second is Germany, third is Brazil and fourth place is Argentina.
Luis G 7 years ago
Again!!! Just like in qualifying round, anti-Argentina fans were predicting that Argentina would loss, then quarter finals..... now semis...?
Sabiol 7 years ago
Argentina 0 645
fuckin.g brazilian! they buy all the tickets for argentina`s games. they don want to us supporting the team. poor prick.s! is that or they love to see messi... ;)
Ricky Bai 7 years ago
Argentina will beat Germany in final and Argentina is going to be the winner of WC 2014. Just look n believe me !
zak 7 years ago
lol!! already thinking about the final? argentina still have holland to beat,and mark my word,it's not going to be as easy as this one
Marko_baymun 7 years ago
Bayern Munich, Serbia 0 469
Argentina goes further on experience!
Khmeroz 7 years ago
Manchester United, Australia 0 232
I don't Know but I think fellaini was the shittest player for Belgium.
Player 7 years ago
give him time to prove himself, remember he was excellent at everton
qweqwe123 7 years ago
Bari, Solomon Islands 0 85
fellaini is shite
Tubakkes 7 years ago
very fortunate goal for argentina, but a nice goal tho... wasn't easy to put that one in for sure! I think argentina has been a little poor on theirselves after comin on that 1-0 advantage. They tried to slow down the game, almost freeze it, and succesfully did it sadly... Not a nice game to watch, the minutes were passing by and you could see the belgian players getting disgusted more & more.Win for argentina, could've been a draw or a belgium victory for the same price...
Silverbird 7 years ago
Exactly, and we've been too naive thinking that they would let us play our game. That wasn't a nice victory from Argentina but they efficiently neutralized us... And god what's all these haters coming out? The fact is that it's our first defeat with this new team in this world cup campain so let us take some experience and see you in 4 years, even 2 years for some ;)
waqar khan 7 years ago
i can't believe that crynalod fans and messi haters still saying that Belgium deserved to win WTF
Lio10messi 7 years ago
Messi haters : " hes not the best hè never won worldcup" here hè is carrying Argentina lol.. Hè doesnt even need to win the WC this Guy is the best player face iT pure class that can win matches for u ps. Di Maria is sick to.. Poor performance from belgium expectedmore from them
Fikran 7 years ago
Germany and Holland will be in the finals ...
zenomex 7 years ago
Chelsea, Malaysia 0 57
He is badly injured last time i think still not recover
Azmirul 7 years ago
Stupid tactics Wilmots......You want Hazard to prove himself then why don't you use the Portugal tactic? Pass to Hazard you know how dangerous he is....
Silverbird 7 years ago
maybe because Portugal didn't pass the group stage? See that's a thing Chelsea fans don't understand, Football is a TEAM sport
backspace 7 years ago
Belgium didnt play top class, but i dont know why FIFA wants Brazil-Argentina final.. I understand why they help Brazil,but Argentina...?!?!
Tony 7 years ago
you never know you know, maybe germany and the netherlands will win ;P I get what u mean though
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