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Manchester City vs Wigan Athletic
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BrennaSolo 8 years ago
Seattle Sounders FC, United States 0 73
I hope Pellegrini stops using Demichellis. He had Kompany on the Bench, yes, Kompany! If City plan on a solid team and defence, they better hope Demichellis doesnt play next season. Clichy is also having a terrible season so far. And against Wigan you need creativity. No clue why Pellegrini chose Garcia. Manuel realized his mistakes too late. In soccer Mr.Pellegrini, you use your brain, not your feelings to pick a squad.
Jgahara07 8 years ago
This is all on Pellegrini. I still don't get why the fuck would he keep on playing Demichelis. I don't even know why he brought him to the Etihad in the first place. I bet Demichelis was a sucker as well back in Malaga
FanInterMilan 8 years ago
Inter, Moldova 1 1712
Wigan team Spirit level 99999999999999999999999999! little team wich fight till the end!
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bZa4riiiel 8 years ago
Borussia Dortmund, Germany 0 70
I love to see City go down, esp to Wigan (again!)-
Chelski 8 years ago
Wigan is at the same level with FC Barcelona.
MadridKilla 8 years ago
Barcelona 0 1244
puut down the craaack piiippeeeee
awais007 8 years ago
Chelsea, Pakistan 178 922
Manchester City is deadly for premier league teams but not for championship teams :) FACT
zzz 8 years ago
Not Moyes fan here, but Moyes said he likes the pressure to manage ambitious team with quarduple title in a season goal like City. So much conceited.
Sicc 8 years ago
Im dumbfounded, about Gael's defending on that goal and Dzeko missing from there.
Oliverrr 8 years ago
Manchester United, England 0 300
fox 8 years ago
aesenal - hull the final
fox 8 years ago
this is not penalty like ramos and costa ball in derby madrid
fox 8 years ago
this is not a penalty like ramos and costa ball in derby madrid
Lorenzo 8 years ago
Thanks again Demichelis
John G 8 years ago
If Pellegrini is so good as a manager, why is he using Demichellis. I'm a coach and I certainly see some skills but way too many mistakes.The goal was also not a goal, because Dzeko was in front of the ball although he didn't play he was disrupting the view of the Wigan GK.Well done Wigan.
mnu4life 8 years ago
Typical arsenal fans they think they won the hole thing just like they said about the epl in the beginning of the year dream baby you not going to win anything this year how many times we have to say it.
Scoopadoop 8 years ago
I'm pretty sure we will win the FA Cup. It is your team which will win nothing, and look like shit doing so.
Aeroflame 8 years ago
Manchester United, England 0 163
@Scoopadoop - NEVER underestimate Wigan like Man City did and look what happened. That is the beauty of FA Cup.Seriously, do anyone aware that Wigan is the current holder of FA Cup!?Do anyone remember the last time a team successfully defend FA Cup? Was it the last time with Arsenal in 2004 - 2005?
wenger 8 years ago
another trophy again and again for us. I love this so much. EPL and FA cup in our hands already
SlenderMan 8 years ago
Eminem6240 8 years ago
EPL in your hands? My favourite english club is arsenal, but how exactly is it in our hands? When man city win their games in hand arsenal will be 4th
ARSENALFTW 8 years ago
just be happy city fans that Demichellis will not be playing against Barca because the manager has no choice.
Flopini 8 years ago Edited
Manchester United, England 0 25
And there was me thinking Arabs money could buy us anything & anyone. :-(
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And there was me thinking money could buy you anything. Glad to admit I was wrong, though, if they get the premioership, even the blue bum shakers will be aware it could NEVER have happened WITHOUT the Arabs cash. What glory in that???
And there was me thinking the Arabs money could buy us anything.
And there was me thinking Arabs money could buy us anything & anyone.
Jeff 8 years ago
that's what you get for Dirty Arab Money eh!!!
cgdfbhngn 8 years ago
miss u in pl wigaaaaaaaaaan!!! :(
Mufc 8 years ago
Uwe Rösler is doing a fantastic job! By the way what a fantastic chance for Arsenal to win their first trophy in almost 10 years..
MoonWalker 8 years ago
Semen Padang, Indonesia 0 26
Well done "Benchsri" ..
_ 8 years ago
i still think arsenal will lose
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