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Australia vs Spain
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Top Comments
klemzoor 8 years ago
Diego Costa ruined Spain's national team in Brazil!
BlaugranaDude 8 years ago
Barcelona, Argentina 0 414
Damn... Seeing Villa cry like that broke my heart :(
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Fab 8 years ago
This is the team that should have played the first and second game!!!!!
Fru_Toot 8 years ago
Manchester City, England 54 635
Diego Someone should be spain manger
xviian 8 years ago
Newcastle United, Brazil 0 252
I think that it is not the hunger that Spain is lacking like other players claim, it is the ageing of the squad.. When team plays possession football, the most dangerous part is when it loses the ball, they need to recover fast enough especially against good counter-attacking teams.. They have aged, but not replace, there are so many talents that can be utilised.. David Silva might be great for Man City, but definitely his chemistry with the other players is not there.. They definitely missed Puyol alot.. No David Villa, no xavi replacements and I just don't understand the lack of playing time for Fabregas.. And David De Gea had such good season with Man Utd and he has matured alot in his commanding skills, but Iker was chosen..
tito 8 years ago
yeah that chipped in from fabregas was superb ... they should have played him in place of xavi .. he's no xavi when xavi is at his best, but he has time to time proved he can setup really good goals
Mufc336 8 years ago
Manchester United, England 0 97
Some of the blame for this poor World Cup has to be with Vicente Del Bosque. His team got hammered 5-1 and then he plays against Chili with almost exactly the same team.. I also think it was a mistake to leave Jesus Navas and Alvaro Negredo at home, since they could have given the Spanish team an alternative playing style to choose from
michaeldoctor1 8 years ago
Tottenham Hotspur, Spain 36 1151
ordenax 8 years ago
Even Llorente
michaeldoctor1 8 years ago
Tottenham Hotspur, Spain 36 1151
Yeah him too. Damn It
kenkichiotaka 8 years ago
Manchester United, Japan 47 1894
Del Bosque should have played Mata before!!!
Jay 8 years ago
Del Bosque basically picked the best 11 players available to him rather than trying to build a balanced, cohesive team. So Costa gets a starting place in the first team just because he had ONE good season, instead of Villa who is Spain's record scorer and is better suited to Spain's style of play.
Ryankris 8 years ago
Real Madrid, Indonesia 0 19
Daamn this match makes me miss the old days of villa-torres
dondhani 8 years ago
Juventus, Italy 0 135
The Spaniard strikers are much much better than Brazilian!
omardrummond 8 years ago
0 653
They remove the S from Spain and leave them in PAIN even when they find the mata.
chelsea 8 years ago
please sell retarded torres flop
Torres 8 years ago
fuck off pls
Khmeroz 8 years ago
Manchester United, Australia 0 232
Well done boys!! You won our hearts!! Keep trying, one day you'll be there..
kopiko 8 years ago
Manchester United Reserves, Netherlands 0 720
villa should be in the line up from the first match. he make the most of attack in the first half. why did del bosque didn't pick him. playing him in this final match is absolutely ridiculous. spain is number one team that should not be eliminate this early. i dont want to insult any team but if a team like nigeria or algeria will qualify to knock out stage, mean this world cup is suck.
jyks 8 years ago
get a life
sl1pers 8 years ago
Inter, Brazil 1 390
i have one answer to you my friend: THIS IS FOOTBALL
croniclez 8 years ago
U comment like u nkow everything....Plz this is real football..Anything can happen...
Betre'ab 8 years ago
Spain never deserved to go through. They didn't play well as they were outclassed by both teams.
Messi 8 years ago
sad for spain .... Cassillas should be off n de gea should be in :P
DemonCoz 8 years ago
Liverpool FC, Japan 0 122
the only reason spain eliminated: DIEGO COSTA. My prediction, he will be nothing but turn into a shitty player at Chelsea since they are very good at it...
oscar 8 years ago
Spain begged Costa to play for them and I don't know if you were watching they hardly set him up, maybe once or twice in every match but that's not enough. Tika Taka football doesnt work any more, Why do people have to be so fucking stupid nowadays.
Bale 8 years ago
Australia played well in one game and created one amazing goal but they celebrated like they won the world cup. Australians! Go back & play footy mate.
co-yaba 8 years ago
Just my thoughts, I believe the problem of Spain this tournament is they relied much on 'pedigree'/experience, and not much on the morale of players. Del Bosque fielded Barcelona players who did not have a stellar season (and ageing in the midfield as well). I think, coming from a La Liga win, they should have started with the Atletico players (Koke, Juanfran, Villa) in the first two matches and made the Barcelona players as 'super-subs'. Same as well to the other players overseas (Albiol, Reina). Although, I am not sure if they will win it against mighty Holland and tenacious Chile in those instances, but at least there will be a good fight as there will definitely be an injection of pace and hunger coming from these 'less heralded' players.
Luis G 8 years ago
Chris 8 years ago
TheMarvelous 8 years ago
Barcelona, Indonesia 0 706
Adios David Villa Sanchez you did a great fucking job in 2 Euro and 1 WC!my favourite Barca forward alongside Eto'o and Ronaldinho~
Lambo91 8 years ago
Juventus, Italy 0 5196
Spain needed 2 looses to get their head out of their ass. Don't be surprised if Spain attacked the World Cup 2018 and win the world cup 2018.
JambanRacer 8 years ago
No.. Spain 4ever will be doom. Tikki takka is boring..Brazil and Holland show how to beat them.!
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