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Zlatan Ibrahimovic and his new statue!
Gennady 6 years ago
Manchester United, Russia 281 3917

Zlatan Ibrahimovic's new statue will be unveiled soon outside Sweden's national stadium.

Former Manchester United forward says: "The symbol of Sweden is almost done" on Instagram

He will no doubt be glad it looks a fair bit like him, unlike the bizarre Cristiano Ronaldo statue unveiled earlier this year.
enter image description here

Emobot7 6 years ago
520 11186

You see! Thats how you do a statue. Poor Ronaldo going to be jealous no doubt, but I can't blame him. :)

liomessi10 6 years ago
Barcelona, Argentina 222 3053

They look so creepy w/o colours

Emobot7 6 years ago
520 11186

@liomessi Its the uncanny valley, totally normal to be fair. :P

nigelpayne 6 years ago
Manchester United, England 15 484

ronaldo's eyes on his statue look really close together :D