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Your FIFA Rating?
DarthFooty 2 years ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 36 1094

If you had your likeness in FIFA, you are in your prime, healthy, and you had to pick your rating, what would you set yourself at?

For me, I was stupid fast in my prime, talking true track speed, and I had a nice powerful right foot. I had a decent touch on the ball but lacked true close control in tight spaces. Trapping was just fine, but when I needed to get through more than a few defenders, I missed some of the finer cuts. I loved to pass and go so I released the ball a lot and was accurate with short and long passes. (LOVED switching the ball on the diagonal or full side switch to open things up)

I had like two moves, that seemed to work pretty well, to get by players in space, and I had a solid shooting range. I was decent with my left foot and did shoot with it when needed, but the power was nothing like the right. My fastest ball recorded was 86mph and I think I could hit as high as 88. Shooting accuracy was ok and I could knuckle and curve the ball pretty well. Not as powerful as the Roberto Carlos's of the world, but I could ping it.

Crossing was a strong point, which is why I played a lot of winger. Finishing on a break was solid and I never missed a PK in any competitive match. (knock on wood)

My weakest areas were headers for sure. I'm not the tallest dude (5'8) so I was just beat by the bigger guys when in the air. I jumped pretty high, like could grab a basketball rim, but when going against 6'3 and up players, strong players, I didn't win a lot of aerial duels.

I also did not have that dribble in tight spaces touch. As I got older I actually got better in tight spaces, but it doesn't count now. haha

So, if I was to try and fairly rate myself, I think I would have been a solid 75 to 78 or so, overall. Might be a little high when seeing some of the players in FIFA with that score, but eh, screw it. haha

So, what rating are you!!!!

Emobot7 2 years ago
538 11428

Oh, thats really rough, especially considering I'm just a football enthusiast who play football in his yard to chill with the rest of my family. XD I'd say I'm propably under 50? Sometime I wish I could have gotten into football as a kid but still doesn't stop me from enjoying it as a observer I think. :)

SunFlash 2 years ago
USA 19 3260

I'm a good keeper, have played at university level In Canada. When I was in Belgium, I started for our "international team" that we put together at KU Leuven to play the various faculties and went undefeated.

However, based off of the content of the linked video, I'd put myself around a 25 maybe? That could be being generous.