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With them getting older.. lot of young talent is out there but we will miss the iconic duo.
chaitu93 1 month ago
Manchester United, France 1 82

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Emobot7 1 month ago
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So true man! Starting to miss Ronaldo already, I know he is still playing but since I and many other propably follow Serie A a bit less, it like he is farther away from the spotlight than he ever been. :U

quikzyyy 1 month ago
Arsenal 411 7955

i'm glad we live in an era of these 2 breaking every single record. imagine your kids asking you: dad, do you know something about Messi & Ronaldo?

boy i'm going to tell you one hell of a story.

tuan_jinn 1 month ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 189 6581

I don't even want to think about it.

The day they hang their boot would be a sad day for football.

Ledley 1 month ago
Celtic, Australia 43 1244

Yes. Currently, there is no one close but i'm optimistic some unknown youngster will pull through.

I know PSG fans will say Mbappe but he's good, not great.

quikzyyy 22 days ago
Arsenal 411 7955

i kinda can't imagine how will any youngster pull through if Mbappe is not great. Imo he is the biggest talent now.

Emobot7 21 days ago
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@quikzyyy Yeah, really don't think that M'bappe will flop at this point, hopefully, but if he does, I agree, there can be no hope for another great generation of player. Would love to see him and Rashford being the new star of their era though.