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Will Pep Guardiola Ever win UCL with city 2021 edition
Golefty 5 days ago
Toronto FC 27 1013

Team Odds

Manchester City 11/4

Bayern Munich 10/3

Liverpool 5/1

Chelsea 13/2

PSG 10/1

Ajax 14/1

Manchester United 16/1

Real Madrid 16/1

Juventus 25/1

Atletico Madrid 40/1

Inter MIlan 80/1

Lille 200/1

Villarreal 200/1

Benfica 250/1

RB Salzburg 500/1

Sporting Lisbon 500/1

Footy_watch 5 days ago
Brazil 8 1446

There are no stand out teams this year when you consider league performances in addition to their champions league run.

DarthFooty 4 days ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 17 837

Covid is the biggest issue right now. Teams deal with playing injuries all the time, hence the teams they build to make runs in all cups, but Covid is that X factor.

City are pulling away in the EPL, PSG has its place, Bayern, ect... But with these matches now coming down to aggregate or the final being one match, Covid will define the title winner. Did your team protect itself well enough or was their a lack of discipline and now your roster has a quarter of its players in protocol.

_Pelle_ 4 days ago
Paris Saint-Germain 129 6477

This is actually a tricky one

_Pelle_ 4 days ago
Paris Saint-Germain 129 6477


Except for Bayern… as usual