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Who do you think will win the Premier League season 2021-2022?
caotriprodt 4 months ago
Manchester United, Vietnam 1 2

I think Manchester United and Manchester City are the candidate teams for next year's championship. They will have many changes in terms of players

DarthFooty 4 months ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 16 802

Man City will surely be the odds-on favorite. Man Utd will depend on some signings, but they will have a good season and I would expect to be in the top three. Chelsea should be solid again. Doors open for the Spurs, Liverpool, West Ham, Leicester, and Arsenal/Everton to push for higher spots.

I would love to see a tighter race next season where it comes down to the last few matches to decide the title winners or European placements. Some of the best football is set on dramatic scenes and the teams fighting relegation have proven to show some stunning performances.

Emobot7 4 months ago
457 10780

Top two should be between City and Chelsea no doubt, at least, if they manage to keep similar results from what they been doing this year.

After that, I expect United to do well, Liverpool too especially if Virgil Van Djik come back strong and finally, if Leicester manage to strengthen themselve and stay consistent, I could see them compete for a CL spot once again.

Spurs will depend on who they sign as manager and how well he click with the team. I could see them compete with United, Liverpool and Leicester if things go well or with those I list next if not.

Finally, the team I expect to battle behind those I just named are Arsenal, Everton and West Ham. Depending on consistency and if they manage to find some form of consistency, they could even cause some kind of offset.

Praiseolude 3 months ago
Chelsea, Germany 0 2


tiki_taka 3 months ago
Barcelona, France 366 9750

Each time city win the league, they struggle probably mental fatigue. Liverpool had the same this season but players who reached 100 pts are still there. Chelsea should sign better strikers their strike force isn't enough. United ? Nah I don't see them getting that level, Bruno for me is their only consistent player they need one in each era of the field they can win by 6 goal margin then draw to bottom of the league..

I'm going with City right now, Pep effect but we can do solid prediction after 5 games in the start of the season.

Greatone 3 months ago
Arsenal, Australia 19 681

Surely it's too early, transfer window has barely started because of the euros.. wait a lil bit

quikzyyy 3 months ago
Arsenal 425 8564

Each time city win the league, they struggle probably mental fatigue.

Gonna fix it by spending another 200 million, no problems for them.